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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

CIC Holdings(Sri Lanka) introduce CIC Air Purifying Wonder Bulb

CIC Holdings PLC and Orel Manufacturing Pvt Ltd at the signing of the agreement.
CIC Holdings and Orel Manufacturing  at the signing
 of the agreement.

CIC Holdings is proud to introduce the CIC Wonder Bulb...

CIC Holdings PLC (Sri Lanka)introduce the CIC Wonder Bulb, a CFL bulb that also works as an air sanitizer, air purifier and deodorizer. Based on the same mechanics as the phenomenon of photo catalysis which occurs in plants, the bulb uses the emitting light to purify the surrounding atmosphere and is an environmentally friendly way to improve the overall quality of indoor air.
CIC Holdings is proud to introduce the CIC Wonder Bulb in association with Orel Manufacturing and Hybrid Technologies, and give consumers a convenient way to eliminate pollutants, allergens and unpleasant odours in their homes through a simple CFL bulb,” said Mr. Samantha Ranatunga, Managing Director/CEO of CIC Holdings. “CIC is continually striving to nurture life through environmentally sustainable products, and the introduction of the CIC Wonder Bulb will enable consumers to easily save money and reduce electricity consumption while improving the overall quality of air within their household.”  

The venture is a result of the tripartite agreement between the manufacturer Orel Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd, the nanotechnology partner Hybrid Technologies Pvt Ltd and CIC Holdings PLC.   

The CIC Wonder Bulb uses nano semiconductor photo catalytic technology to eliminate harmful microorganisms in the room without the use of sanitizing chemicals. Additionally, the bulb is equipped with a next generation sanitizing coating that not only eliminates surrounding germs, but also decomposes of the cell itself and any toxic by-products, thereby effectively decreasing further spreading of the microorganisms. 

With a lifetime of up to 8000 hours, the CIC Wonder Bulb is available in 9W, 15W and 20W wattages. In addition to air purification, the CIC Wonder Bulb is also capable of eliminating unpleasant odours without using deodorizers that contain potentially harmful chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde.

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