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AkzoNobel Paints spreads World Cup fever on Rio streets

Sta Marta
Sta Marta
As football cheer reaches fever pitch, preparations of the Santa
Marta favela in Rio de Janeiro for the FIFA World Cup were at full speed.  Residents painted alleys, small plazas,
staircases and bars of the hill with the support of AkzoNobel Paints’ project
“Tudo de cor para você” which translates to a newly coined greeting, “All
the colour for you”.
Brazil’s favelas are a distinguishing and unique feature that is
characteristic to Brazil. They are vast collections of shanty type
accommodation that stretch for miles forming almost a city in themselves. These
close knit communities are known for their unique and vibrant culture.  It is a feature so intrinsic to this “Country
of Football’ that Google selected it for its homepage doodle.  
Approximately 19% of Rio’s population live in
these communities which originated in the late 19th century,
initially built by homeless soldiers. 
Gradually they came to be occupied by former slaves and lower income
residents of urban areas.  They grew
rapidly when rural dwellers migrated to urban areas looking for better
opportunities in the 1970s. 

Sta Marta
Sta Marta
In preparation for the World Cup, residents spontaneously
decorated the favela with special paints, flags and ribbons in Brazilian
colors.  The project, which has renovated
the houses of the community for the last two years, has received more than 30
requests for paint in the colours green, yellow, blue and white for the
decorations.  AkzoNobel brand, Tintas
Coral provides the material for painting, including painting equipment.  In the lead up to the World Cup, teenagers
and adults coloured the hill in celebration of the Brazilian National Team with
Tintas Coral supporting their enthusiasm.
AkzoNobel’s global ‘Let’s colour’ initiative was originally
introduced in Brazil under the name Tudo de cor.  The world’s largest manufacturer of paints
and coatings, believes colour has the power to inspire.  Over the last few years it has made the most of
this power to change lives by creating better living environments.  The project helps to transform places and
spaces in towns and cities all over the world with the participation of local
authorities together with the community and in keeping with local traditions.
Sta Marta
Sta Marta
The initiative spreads colour and joy wherever it goes, demonstrating
the power of regeneration afforded by colour to people and communities.
In Sri Lanka, AkzoNobel is represented by Dulux, the market
leader in decorative paint.  Keeping true
to the call to action “Let’s colour” in Sri Lanka, Dulux spreads the power of
colour for transformation in the local community each year in October with the
global celebration of “Let’s colour week”.
Dulux is also recognised for its dedication to the prevention of
child abuse.  Through its Dulux Child
Protection Trust Fund (DCPTF) it committedly cares for abused children and aids
other organisations to fight the threat of abuse.
Sta Marta
Sta Marta
About AkzoNobel
Paints is a Global Fortune 500 Company and the world’s largest manufacturer of
paints and coatings. The company’s portfolio includes brands such as Dulux, Sikkens,
International and Eka. AkzoNobel is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
and operates in over 80 countries with over 50,000 employees. The company is a
leading player in the area of sustainability.

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