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CIC Introduces New packaging for PediaSure

CIC Introduces New packaging for PediaSure
CIC Introduces New packaging for PediaSure

Providing trusted and quality nutrition for your child’s growth and development

CIC Holdings, the sole agent of PediaSure in Sri Lanka is now offering
the world-famous nutritional supplement for children in new tin packaging. Only
CIC is licensed to bring the original PediaSure product to Sri Lanka, and now
imports it directly from the Netherlands and Singapore. Designed to provide
growing children with nutritional support, PediaSure is a high quality supplement
that gives children all the daily nourishment they need.
PediaSure is a nutritional supplement that provides complete, balanced
nutrition for children from ages 1 to 10 –the years that are most crucial to a
child’s growth and mind development. When consumed in proper amounts, PediaSure
provides 100 percent or more of the recommended intake of proteins, vitamins and
minerals that are required for a child’s growth and development. PediaSure also
contains FOS, probiotics and MCT oil. Including more than 25 essential
nutrients, PediaSure is scientifically formulated to help increase height and
weight, reduce number of sick days, and reduce incidence of infection. It is
also Lactose free and is ideal for children with allergies

The original PediaSure products can be purchased at
all leading local pharmacies and supermarkets. PediaSure offers the
complete nutrition required for catch-up growth in picky eaters from the ages
of 1-10 years. It is designed to provide total nutritional support and acts as
a supplement that enhances children’s irregular eating habits.  PediaSure is formulated with a new ‘Triple Sure
System’ which supports overall health and development with a new triple protein
complex including Taurine; it also promotes maximum digestion and absorption
for balance energy releases with its advanced carbohydrate blend.  The formula’s unique fat profile and MCTs
(with AA & DHA) support nutrient absorption and development of the mind. The
new Triple Sure System is supported by 19 clinical studies and is available in classic
vanilla flavour. 
Most nutritional products in the market are milk based
and therefore are not suitable options for children who are lactose intolerant
or have respiratory problems such as asthma. PediaSure can be mixed with water
or milk if the child is not lactose intolerant depending on your child’s
requirements or preferences. The product is also completely gluten-free, kosher
and halal making it a suitable supplement for all children. Unlike other milk
based products which contain only selected vitamins, PediaSure meets or exceeds
100 percent of the US Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) proteins, 25 vitamins and
minerals recommended for a child.

original PediaSure product, which is trusted and offers guaranteed quality, is
now available only in metal tins. PediaSure is one of the many nutritional
supplements distributed by CIC Holdings, a company dedicated to nurturing life.
CIC has been a leading blue-chip
conglomerate in Sri Lanka for decades and its business portfolio extends into the areas of agriculture, animal
feed, nutrition, healthcare, industrial materials and consumer products.

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