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CIC’s Life-Saving Kidney Dialysis Product

Mr Jayasekeran
Mr Jayasekeran

Improving the quality of patients’ lives with a simple and easy to use kidney dialysis treatment

The Pharmaceutical department of CIC’s Healthcare division is creating a
significant impact in Sri Lanka’s healthcare sector by providing people with a
simple and convenient kidney dialysis product. The peritoneal dialysis product
distributed by CIC Pharmaceuticals is the only dialysis treatment of its kind
available in Sri Lanka.
The product is developed by Baxter USA, a global healthcare company with expertise
in medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.
There are two prevalent types of kidney diseases, the
first is Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and the second is End Stage Renal/Kidney
Disease (ESRD). Whilst the first occurs over a longer period of time due to a
variety of reasons including hypertension, the latter occurs when the kidneys
are almost non-functional. It is estimated that out of every one million people
in South East Asia, at least 120 suffer from kidney disease. In Sri Lanka, it
is believed that there are approximately 2500 kidney patients suffering from
End Stage Renal/Kidney Disease and 7500-8000 patients suffering from Chronic
Kidney Disease. There has also been an increase in the number of cases being
diagnosed in the North and Central provinces.

The peritoneal dialysis product is designed to treat
and assist kidney patients suffering from ESRD. For most of these patients,
only five to ten percent of their kidneys remain functional, so toxins remain
trapped in their bodies. The peritoneal dialysis product drains out all water
and toxins accumulated within the body due to a failing kidney and replaces it
with fluids required by the body. Fourteen days prior to the treatment
commencing, patients have to undergo a minor surgical procedure to insert a
catheter into the peritoneal cavity.
The peritoneal dialysis product is simple and easy to
use; it’s also a life-saving solution that enhances the quality of life for
patients suffering from kidney disease. Unlike hemodialysis which involves
removing toxins from the blood and treatments lasting up to four hours, peritoneal
dialysis is a simple and effective home therapy which only
needs to be done three times a day for fifteen minutes at a time. With peritoneal dialysis, there is no need to travel
regularly to a hospital so patients can reduce both their transport costs and
the amount of time they spend in hospital. The peritoneal dialysis
product can be used in the comfort of a patient’s home or office, providing
valuable freedom and mobility. Following the insertion of a catheter, a patient
only needs to invest in the fluids for the treatment. The catheter and adapter
are designed to remain intact for life however the transfer set needs to be
changed every six months to prevent infection. Peritoneal dialysis ensures that the kidneys do not deteriorate further; this
prevents the need for kidney replacement.
CIC has also worked extensively with the
government sector and leading hospitals to familiarize staff with the
peritoneal dialysis solution. CIC’s Healthcare division is a pioneer in Sri Lanka’s healthcare
industry. Through a variety of business operations, CIC Holdings remains dedicated to its goal of nurturing life and
improving the quality of people’s lives in Sri Lanka. The company continuously
impacts people through its extensive portfolio which extends
into the areas of agriculture, animal feed, nutrition, healthcare, industrial
materials, and consumer products.

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