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Mihin Lanka supports retired senior citizens ti fulfil holy pilgrimage to Bodhgaya

Mr & Mrs Weliwatta
Mr & Mrs Weliwatta
Mihin Lanka, Sri Lanka’s low cost
carrier, operates convenient and affordable flights to Buddhist sacred sites,
Bodhgaya, Varanasi, every week.
A pilgrim, the Former Director of
Education (Retired Teacher) and Consultant Education Social & Community Animation and Chairman School of Education and Training
(PVT) Ltd., Mrs. Weliwatta describes his experience on flying Mihin Lanka on a
pilgrimage: “I went on a pilgrimage with 13 other teachers on Mihin Lanka and
it was  a great experience. So, I decided
to make another trip with my husband. What we appreciate most is the
installment scheme that Mihin has introduced. This is a good scheme and helps
retired people like us enjoy our retirement in a very purposeful way. As far as
we know there is no other airline that has introduced such a convenient payment
scheme. We know many retired teachers are using this service amongst the
association of retired teachers to which we belong. We consider this a great
welfare service to the pensioners in our country. “

On his part, Mr. Weliwatta
commented on the personalized
service given to them from the time they made the booking and the help they
received in the documentation process. “As pensioners, this service is of great
relief to us as it is not possible for us to run around to complete the
documentation at our age. The assistant at both airports was a service beyond
expectation. For a low cost airline they really go out of the way to make you
feel comfortable and assisted,” he added.
The retired teacher was
especially struck by the on-time flights, without delays on either departure
from Colombo or departure from Gaya, and noted that this is an important factor
for the elderly. “We observed that the crew took special care of elderly and
sick passengers and also made us feel comfortable. We are very happy with the
many benefits we got from Mihin Lanka which although a low cost airline, offers
a complimentary meal and free baggage allowance,” said Mrs. Weliwatta.
In conclusion Mr. Weliwatta had
this to say: “Mihin Lanka is a monument in the minds of the people and the
airline will be blessed for carrying so many devotees to this great Buddhist
place of worship. A remarkable gesture by Mihin is presenting all passengers
who fly with Mihin a complimentary Pirith
book. This helps to know the airline blends with the spirit of Gaya and
Varanasi. Mihin Lanka is the ambassador for our country to Gaya and Varanasi by
carrying so many pilgrims to this holy place, is performing a notable service.”
flying to 10 destinations in the region, including The Seychelles,
Bahrain, Dubai, Sharja Gaya, Varnasi, Madurai, Dhaka,  Jakarta and Medan, Mihin Lanka, with its
modern Airbus Fleet is fully geared to go beyond.  Passengers onboard Mihin Lanka can also
enjoy, upgraded meals, kids meals, duty free items for sale and
Inflight entertainment and much more benefits.

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