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Pope Francis’s Sri Lankan visit is confirmed

Pope Francis's Sri Lankan visit is confirmed
Pope Francis’s Sri Lankan visit is confirmed
Spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Colombo Reverend Father Benedict Joseph has confirmed that Pope Francis I would visit Sri Lanka.
The Catholic Church in Sri Lanka has already approved the visit and the Archdiocese is expected to announce the dates of the tour near future, News source said.

Pope Francis I is very eager to visit the island,Fr. Benedict Joseph has said 
According to formalities the local Catholic Church needs an agreement with the government and once agreed the Bishops’ Conference must issue a formal invitation to the Pope to visit the country.
The invitation came days after Pope Francis, at a press conference, indicated that he may consider a visit to Sri Lanka as a part of an Asian tour.
This is the third time a Pope is visiting the island. Pope Paul VI visited Sri Lanka in 1970, and Pope John Paul II visited the island in 1995 to preside over the religious rites in the Beatification of Sri Lankan missionary Fr. Joseph Vaz. Sri Lanka and the Holy See established formal diplomatic relations in 1976.

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