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Samsung refrigerators save energy and money with digital invertor technology

Samsung refrigerators have pioneered the use of Digital Inverter Compressor (DIC) technology
Samsung refrigerators have pioneered the use of
Digital Inverter Compressor (DIC) technology
Digital technology leader,
Samsung Electronics is helping consumers save both
energy and money with its range of digital invertor refrigerators. Samsung’s
energy saving technology is tried and tested globally and most Samsung’s
refrigerators now use state-of-the-art digital invertor technology to reduce their
energy consumption by up to 36 percent. As a result, consumers are able to save
energy and reduce their electricity bills at the same time.  

Commenting on the
energy saving capabilities of Samsung’s refrigerators, H.K. Chang, Managing Director, Samsung
Electronics India – Sri Lanka Branch
Office stated, “Samsung
refrigerators adhere to global energy saving standards and fulfil our
commitment towards sustainability and the environment. In line with our
philosophy of offering products based on consumer centric innovation, our range
of refrigerators with digital invertor technology enables consumers to lower
their consumption of energy which in turn reduces their electricity costs.  This energy efficient range further helps customers
reduce their carbon footprint

Inverter Compressor (DIC)

myths which surround refrigerators include the belief that bigger refrigerators
utilise more energy and generate higher electricity bills. However, the Digital Inverter
Compressor (DIC)
technology in Samsung
refrigerators ensure that the refrigerator intelligently varies its power and
running speed depending on the immediate cooling requirement, thereby optimizing
a refrigerator’s ability to utilise energy efficiently. In order to save energy, a convertible
freezer allows consumers to use areas of their fridge convenient to them in three
different modes.
technology automatically adjusts across several levels in response to variations
in usage and temperature. Temperature variations are often caused due to
frequent door-opening, storage of food whilst still hot etc., the compressor reacts
to these situations by either emitting cold air rapidly or by slowing down its
air flow to reduce unnecessary energy consumption. Samsung’s compressor
operates essentially when required, which ensures the appliance’s overall
efficiency whilst drastically reducing noise.
from its energy saving features, some refrigerator in this category include other
benefits such as 31% faster cooling whilst the ‘MoistFresh Zone’ keeps your
food fresh for up to seven days by ensuring optimal freshness of all stored
food items. Samsung refrigerators using Digital Invertor Compressors also
minimise food wastage drastically by ensuring food stays fresh even when the
appliance is not connected to a power source for a period of time. This ‘Coolpack’
option will help you to preserve the freshness of frozen items such as ice
cream for up to 8 hours during a power outage. The line of refrigerators also
prevents the odours of different foods from mixing by using a deodorizing
as a leader in digital technology, Samsung has been recognised globally for
producing environment friendly refrigerators which conserve energy. The Samsung
range of refrigerators with digital inverter compressor technology is cost-effective as it minimises both energy consumption
and food wastage. All Samsung refrigerators using digital invertor compressors
come with a 10-year warranty.

Samsung has
always been a pioneer in innovation and has long been recognised for its
leadership in next-generation digital and convergence technology. By
manufacturing eco-friendly products, Samsung uses innovation to conserve energy
whilst simultaneously reducing consumer costs.  For more information about Samsung digital
invertor refrigerators, kindly contact the Samsung hotline on 011 7540 540, the Singer hotline on
011 5400 400, the Softlogic hotline on 011 5705 705 or the Singhagiri hotline
on 011 5413 413.  Or Log on to our

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