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Thushan Gunawardena appointed as Country Manager of the Ayonix Corporation of Japan in Sri Lanka

Thushan Gunawarden- Country Manager
Thushan Gunawarden- Country Manager
Gunawardena was recently appointed as the Country Manager of the Ayonix
Corporation of Japan in Sri Lanka, which specializes in  developing advanced 3D face recognition software that can be used in multiple
industries. With Gunewardena’s appointment, the Ayonix Corporation has marked
its entry into the Sri Lankan market and will now focus on providing local
customers with access to its world-class range of face recognition
has been working in the airline and travel industry for the last 14 years and
most recently worked in the field of insurance as a divisional head for the
largest general insurer in the world, AIG. Gunawardena holds a MBA from Cardiff
Metropolitan University UK and boasts of a wealth of experience in the field of
digital marketing, consumer insurance. In his new role, will be involved in
representing Ayonix in the Sri Lankan market and will work closely with major
system integrators across the island.

state-of-the-art face recognition technology and software products developed by
the Ayonix Corporation of Japan offers a comprehensive range of government,
medical, retail, marketing, public safety and mobile face recognition solutions.
The most accurate and fastest face recognition software can be used to provide
real-time surveillance and can even be used to help employees at retail outlets
to identify a customer by name and target sales and advertisements that are in
line customer’s specific preferences.  
Dr. Sadi Vural - President
Dr. Sadi Vural – President
on the Ayonix Corporation’s entry into Sri Lanka, Dr. Sadi Vural, the President of the Ayonix Corporation of Japan,
(who is also a co-founder of the company and a pioneer in image analysis and
pattern theory) stated, “Ayonix has developed a strong reputation for
delivering excellence in face recognition technology. We are pleased to expand
our global reach and enter into the Sri Lankan market, which we have identified
as a market with immense potential. Sri Lanka is also well on track towards
becoming a thriving megopolis and economic hub. The many real estate projects,
facilities, highways and other infrastructure projects that are in the
pipeline, will require the deployment of high quality technology, and we hope
that the Ayonix Corporation will be able to supply these best-in-class solutions
and support the country’s development.”
on his appointment and the Ayonix Corporation’s entrance into the Sri Lankan
market, Thushan Gunawardena, Country
Manager of the Ayonix Corporation of Japan in Sri Lanka
stated, “I look
forward to strengthening the Ayonix Corporation’s presence in the Sri Lankan
market. Accurate and reliable face recognition technology can help strengthen
and uplift many different businesses and industries and we hope that our
diverse product portfolio will enable many organizations to achieve greater
security and success. Ayonix has rapidly evolved into becoming a worldwide
provider of comprehensive face recognition solutions and we will continue to
focus on developing and delivering innovative software in this particular field
of biometrics. We hope that our Sri Lankan customers will be able to benefit
immensely from our solutions, which are currently being used by governments and
leading conglomerates around the world.”
The Ayonix Corporation was officially
founded in March 2007 by four Japanese entrepreneurs who recognized the need
for solutions in the rapidly growing field of biometrics. The company’s core
face recognition technology was developed in 2000 and has since been utilized
by both government and commercial customers from a diverse array of industries.
Since its inception, Ayonix has experienced significant growth and in 2012, the
company developed the world’s first 3D face engine and thereafter created the
most accurate 3D face recognition engine called ‘Air-1 Engine’. 

All Ayonix face recognition products are
fully developed by the company’s in-house R&D and Application team without
the use of any outsourcing. Ayonix has been ranked as number two in the NIST
2014 face recognition test and successfully matched the faces of 1.7 million
people in just one second, providing definitive proof of the superiority of the
company’s face recognition technology. Ayonix now also provides a broader spectrum of
products that have more advanced features such as a gender and age detector, a
make-up and hair style detector, smile detector, sunglass detector and mask
detector. Ayonix engineers are continuously working on performance improvements
in both speed and accuracy and the company’s strong sales and customer service
division is well-equipped to provide customers with intensive before and after
sales support. 

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