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Tokyo Cement Quiz 2014; the Brain Game

Announcing the Brain Game
Announcing the Brain Game
Tokyo Cement remains committed to
enhancing the knowledge of school children in Sri Lanka, through the dynamic
Tokyo Cement All Island Quiz Programme which was launched last year in partnership
with Swarnawahini and the Ministry of Education.
Kalakeerthi Dr. Edwin Ariyadasa, the
Quiz Master of the Tokyo Cement All Island Schools Quiz 2014 (season two) in
his address at the Colombo District preliminary round stated, “Knowledge and
wisdom have been a significant part of Sri Lanka’s culture and history for
centuries. Sri Lanka’s first quiz took place during the reign of,
King Devanampiyatissa.  It is believed
that Arahat Mihinda, the son of Emperor Asoka, asked the king a series of
questions, which he answered brilliantly. Arahat Mihinda found the king to be
exceptionally intelligent and decided that the ruler was blessed with wisdom that
would usher in an era of peace and prosperity for Sri Lanka.  This
was the first-ever test of intelligence held in Sri Lanka’s recorded history
and it transformed the country profoundly.”

Tokyo Cement Marketing Manager Mr. Dhashantha Udawatta speaks
Tokyo Cement Marketing Manager Mr. Dhashantha Udawatta speaks
Now, twenty-four centuries later, the country’s
leading “knowledge competition” for schools, widely known as the Tokyo Cement All
Island Quiz, is being held with the foremost intention of expanding the
intelligence and the wisdom of the school children of Sri Lanka. Tokyo Cement first
commenced the quiz in 2013 and since then it has increased the alertness and
knowledge of a vast student population. Tokyo Cement also adds excitement to
the quiz by presenting the winning teams with cash awards amounting to Rs. 5.2
million which is the highest sum, by way of prize money which is awarded to any
school competition in Sri Lanka.   The outstanding achievement of the Tokyo
Cement Quiz Programme is that it has generated keen interest among many school children
who are on a quest for knowledge. The quiz brings children together, enables
them to work in groups and conduct research pertaining to various fields of
knowledge. The quiz has catapulted to new heights of popularity amongst both children
and adults who watch the programme with enthusiasm and deep devotion.
This programme, supported primarily by
Tokyo Cement, has given the student community, access to an immense amount of
knowledge and the discipline to accept both victory and defeat with a
level-head. Tokyo Cement is a vital partner in an unprecedented effort to
awaken the nation’s children and instil intelligence and practical wisdom in
The Tokyo Cement All Island Schools
Quiz 2013 gave school children a tremendous opportunity to develop and advance
their knowledge. A total of 526 schools participated in the quiz with over
3,000 children engaging in knowledge driven activities that helped build them
into future leaders.
Commenting on the quiz, Dr. Edwin Ariyadasa, stated, “The Tokyo
Cement Quiz Programme 2014 takes forward the Wisdom Miracle that began in 2013.
The programme is endorsed by the Ministry of Education and is presented by Swarnawahini
television with a marked sense of dedication. The Tokyo Cement Quiz Programme
gives the children of Sri Lanka a tremendous sense of discovery and exploration
that will certainly lead to the emergence of a new generation of youth who will
actively promote the country’s development and prosperity.”

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