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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Seven Sri Lankan sportsmen and women qualify for the 2012 London Paralympic

London Paralympic 2012

Seven Sri Lankans have qualified to participate at the 2012 London Paralympics Games, 

to be held from August 29 to September 9, Sri Lanka Paralympics Committee said. 

Sri Lanka Paralympic Squad 

  1. Dumira Maduranga Alwis( 200 metres)
  2. Amara Indumathi Karunatilaka( 100, 200 metres)
  3. Pradeep Sanjaya ( 200, 400 metres)
  4. Lal Pushpakumara ( High jump) 
  5. Leslie Kumara( High Jump),
  6.  Gamini Disanayake ( wheel chair tennis)
  7. Upali Rajakaruna (wheel chair tennis)

2012 london paralympic medal
Accordingly, Pradeep Sanjaya, who is rated at the ninth place at the world ranking will represent men`s 200m and 400m (T46) while Lal Pattiwila, fourth placed at the world rankings will represent High Jump (F44). 

Dumeera Maduranga will compete in the men`s 200 meters race and long jump while Amara Indumathi will participate at the women`s 100 meters and 200 meters events. 

Leslie Liyanage will represent the country in High Jump while Upali Rajakaruna and D. M. Gamini will represent Wheelchair Tennis at the Paralympics 2012 in London, the Ministry of sports said. 

The Ministry further stated that the letter T marks track events while the letter F stands for field events. The lower the class number, the higher the level of disability and the higher the class number, the lower the level of disability. 

Accordingly, F44 will be represented by athletes with single below-knee amputation. T46 will be represented by athletes with single above-elbow amputation, single below-elbow amputation. T44 category will be represented by athletes with single below-knee amputation while F42 category will be represented by athletes with single above-knee amputation, said the Ministry of Sports Sri Lanka. 


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