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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sri Lanka Telecom’s PEO TV :Shraddha TV(Channel No 99)

New Buddhist Channel Sri Lanka "Shraddha TV(Channel No 99)"
New Buddhist Channel Sri Lanka
"Shraddha TV(Channel No 99)" 

Sri Lanka Telecom’s PEO TV starts New Buddhist Channel "Shraddha TV(Channel No 99)" 

Shraddha TV will bring in Buddhist teachings, programmes from Binara Full Moon Poya Day 2012.

It was announced the new channel will have transmissions every day, from 5.00 am to 11.00 pm.
Sri Lanka Telecom’s(SLT) chief executive Greg Young told the occasion that this channel was the result of unprecedented requests for Buddhist television Programmes.

Shraddha TV will transmit programmes on various subjects creatively to cater to children, young and the old, said Ven. Aludeniye Subhodhi Thera.

Roshini Rajapakse chairperson of the new television channel said,The programme would help foster religious life, inculcating Meththa, Karuna, Muditha and Upeksha in society.


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