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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Swara-prasangaya-on-7th-september at Maharagama Youth Centre,Sri Lanka

Swara-prasangaya Sri Lanka
Swara-prasangaya Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan slow music lovers...

In the westernized world of 21st century we are living today, there is no time and space for the slow music but the Rock Music has taken its place. “SWARA” is a new introduction as well as a great musical experiment which matches to the heart beats of Sri Lankan slow music lovers. This show has been planned to reduce the gap between the singers and the audience by incorporating friendly conversing style to conduct the program making it unique among other musical programs.

Dr. Victor Rathnayake, Visharada Sunil Edirisinghe and Dr. Rohana Weerasinghe are the distinguished artists of the event which are known as Giants in the Sri Lankan classical music industry.Which is organized by students of Faculty and Management and Finance University of Colombo.

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