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Monday, October 22, 2012

Sri Lanka’s Madusha,second runner-up at Miss International pageant 2012

52nd Miss International 2012
52nd Miss International 2012

Ikumi Yoshimatsu won the 52nd Miss International 2012 

Ikumi Yoshimatsu from Japan was chosen Miss Internationals and the first runner-up was Miss Finland, Viivi Suominen.
Sri Lanka’s Madusha Mayadunne was selected as the second runner-up at the 52nd Miss International 2012 pageant held in Okinawa, Japan.

Madusha Mayadunne second runner-up at the 52nd Miss International 2012
Madusha Mayadunne second runner-up
 at the 52nd Miss International 2012
The second runner-up Miss Sri Lanka
 Madusha Mayadunne
“I’m very thankful to everybody in Sri Lanka for giving me this opportunity to be here today and representing Sri Lanka and winning this tonight",Madusha Mayadunne said.  

Miss friendship was won by Ameeksha Dilchand of Mauritius, Best in Talent was awarded to Russia’s Ekaterina Meglinskaia, Nicole Velasquez of Honduras was adjudged Best In national Costume while Miss Photogenic was also won by Japan. 

52nd Miss International 2012 Winners 
  • Miss International 2012: Miss Japan, Ikumi Yoshimatsu 
  • The first runner-up: Miss Finland, Viivi Suominen 
  • The second runner-up: Miss Sri Lanka, Madusha Mayadunne  
  • The third runner-up: Miss Dominican Republic, Melody Mir Jiménez 
  • The fourth runner-up: Miss Paraguay, Nicole Huber 

52nd Miss International 2012 Top 10
  • Brazil, Rafaela Butarelli 
  • Colombia, Melissa Varon 
  • Haiti, Anedie Azael 
  • India, Rochelle Maria Rao 
  • Mexico, Jessica Garcia Formenti 
  • Namibia, Paulina Malulu 
  • Philippines, Nicole Cassandra Schmitz 
  • United Kingdom, Alize Lily Mounter 
  • USA, Amanda Renee Delgado 
  • Venezuela, Blanca Aljibes


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