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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Vehicle prices up after budget 2013

Vehicle prices gone up after budget
Vehicle prices gone up after budget

Vehicle Prices rise

The Excise Duty on all vehicles had gone up by between Rs.200,000 and Rs.500,000 in the 2013 Budget thus greatly increasing the prices of all vehicles,industry officials said.
Prices of small vehicle such as a Maruti may go up by  Rs. 200,000 and trucks by about 400,000, and three wheelers by about 25,000, prices of model cars such as Toyota will go up by Rs.200,000 to Rs.250,000 depending on the manufactured year.

The import tax on vehicle permits for government employees had been increased by 10% to 20%. The import tax on racing cars like go-carts had been reduced but the import tax on luxury sports cars would remain the same.Prices of locally assembled vehicles will not be increased and also will be exempt from Excise Dutyindustry officials said.


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