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Friday, January 18, 2013

Sri Lanka to import 4,500 dairy cows

Sri Lanka to import 4500 dairy cows
Sri Lanka to import 4500 dairy cows

Boost dairy production in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka will import 4,500 dairy cows from Australia and develop farms belonging to National Livestock Development Board (NLDB) to increase the milk production in the country.The cows will be distributed among three farms belonged to the NLDB at Bopaththalawa, Nikaweratiya and Siringapatha with 4,500 upgraded dairy animals at a total cost of US$ 28.5 million.

Sri Lanka has already imported 500 out of the 2,000 dairy cows to be brought under the first phase of the project and they are housed at the Bopaththalawa farm. The remaining 1,500 cows are scheduled to arrive in the country shortly, the Government Information Department said.
The remaining 2,500 cows are to be imported during this year to develop the NLDB's Nikaweratiya and Siringapatha farms.


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