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Thursday, March 14, 2013

SLT PEO TV offers viewers over 80 channels to choose from

SLT Peo TV adds 10 new channels
SLT Peo TV adds 10 new channels

10 new channels added to the current list

The next generation of home entertainment, SLT PEO TV, continues to cater to consumer preference by adding 10 new channels to their current listing. The 10 channels added are: Star One, Life OK, NGC Wild, NGC Music, Cartoon Network, POGO, Discovery Turbo, Discovery Science, Discovery Tamil and Baby TV. The new additions cater to the needs of entire family and will bring the best of local and international entertainment from around the world at a click of a button. 

SLT PEO TV, a brainchild of the country’s national telecommunications provider, Sri Lanka Telecom PLC (SLT), has completely revolutionized traditional television viewing with a growing list of subscribers since its inception. Significantly, SLT PEO adds value to its offering by constantly differentiating in the form of new technology and applications, pre-empting and responding to customer needs.

In keeping with this mission the new channels brought to your home screens at minimum cost with Discovery Tamil and Baby TV being free value additions to the current portfolio. 

Commenting on the channel expansion, CEO of SLT PEO TV, Mr. Malraj Balapitiya, had this to say: “We are always looking for ways of meeting customer demands and offering our viewers premium channels at the best cost. The new channels will meet the viewing needs of all age groups, ensuring that there is always something of interest for everyone in the family.”

The new channel expansion will bring the best international channels to an already exciting channel listing with NGC Music that offers viewers 24 hours of music from around the world, NGC Wild (Nat Geo Wild) which is dedicated to providing an unique insight into the world of nature, the environment and the amazing creatures that inhabit it. Nat Geo Wild uses spectacular cinematography and compelling storytelling to take viewers on unforgettable journeys into the wild world. Documentary television programming will be brought to viewers with the addition of Discovery Turbo, Discovery Science and Discovery Tamil which focuses primarily on popular science, technology, innovations and history. The Discovery channels cater to the whole family with different areas of interest and are educational while being entertaining. The kids in the family are not forgotten as Baby TV brings high quality series that are designed to promote learning, activity and interaction in a fun environment. Baby TV’s 24 hour channel developed in 2003, reaches parents and children through major television platforms worldwide. The addition of Cartoon Network and POGO TV will bring children’s hit programmes such as Ben 10, Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry, M.A.D. (Music Art and Dance), etc. thereby adding action, fantasy, humour, arts and crafts and much more to the lives of kids across the country. 
SLT PEO TV offers its subscriber base of over 70,000 viewers an interactive television viewing experience with state of the art and  unlimited viewing capacity irrespective of the weather. Time-shift TV, Rewind TV, Video-on-demand, and SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand) are key features that attract customers to SLT PEO TV who want control over 

what he or she views and when it is viewed. The SLT PEO TV puts the control back into the viewer’s hands - and allows the viewer to enjoy television viewing as per his or her desire. It’s as personalized as television viewing could ever get.

SLT PEO TV offers other benefits such as access to SLT Rainbow Pages, Astrology, , Electronic TV Guide, , Weather Reports, Railway Information and many other services. The pioneer IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) service in Sri Lanka, SLT PEO TV is the ultimate gateway for an all-in-one entertainment solution.

About PEO TV 

Sri Lanka Telecom PLC introduced the IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) technology to Sri Lanka under the brand name PEO TV (Personalized Entertainment Option). SLT PEO TV offers a host of services to its customers including Live TV Services, Time Shift TV, Rewind TV, Video on Demand, Subscription Video on Demand and many Interactive Applications & Services. SLT PEO TV currently owns an active subscriber base over 70,000 around the island and presently customers can enjoy over 80 prime local and international TV channels.


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