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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tokyo Cement’s new frontier - Sri Lanka’s first cement company to offer products online

Tokyo Cement’s new frontier - Sri Lanka’s first cement company to offer products online
Tokyo Cement’s new frontier - Sri Lanka’s first cement
company to offer products online

Sri Lanka’s premier manufacturer of cement, The Tokyo Cement Group (TKYO), has reinvigorated their online presence with a fresh, new website that facilitates unprecedented access between consumer and cement manufacturer. The launch of this refreshed website will make Tokyo Cement the nation’s first-ever cement manufacturer to offer a direct-to-consumer online retail environment for cement and similar value added products.

Accessible at the website enables customers to order products online with the click of a button. Delivered at no cost to the customer within 48hrs of the order being placed from their factory to your door (within Colombo city limits). This service enables customers – especially
full time workers unable to go to the store during office hours – to deal directly with the company at their convenience, without concerning themselves with “shopping around” or organizing transport.

Commenting on the launch, Dashantha Udawatte, Marketing Manager of Tokyo Cement Group had this to say: “Cement traditionally is a B2B, which over the decades has allowed us to nurture healthy, reciprocal relationships between us – the manufacturer – and our sprawling dealer network.

However, with the dawn of the information age comes the evolution of the consumer – those that hold corporations responsible for how they act and the quality of what they produce and that take greater personal responsibility for their purchasing.

The concept of selling cement and cement-based products online is to equip our consumers with the information of what different types of cement are used for, their applications and limitations. Our hope is that by helping consumers appreciate and compare the nuances of different types of building materials,
they will be able make informed decisions that are tailored to their needs. So by venturing into this new frontier of online retail, we hope that our refreshed web presence not only conveniences our customers,but informs and empowers them.” offers an intuitive interface that guides customers to select the products they need and pay online. Payment methods include direct bank deposit or credit via Visa or Mastercard. The products available for online purchase are Tokyo Super Cement, Premixed Concrete, Tile Adhesives,
Plasters and Flooring or Waterproofing Solutions. The website will also feature a FAQ and an inquiries section to answer any queries from customers. Furthermore, customers are welcome to supplement their web experience with Tokyo Cement’s trilingual hotline number - 011 2030030.

Tokyo Cement Group is the market leader in cement manufacturing and is reputed for its role as innovator and pioneer in adding immense value in cement and other related products. Ensuring it operates in a sustainable manner, Tokyo Cement offers superior quality cement and related products at

competitive prices. It is also the pioneer of the “green cement” concept in Sri Lanka.

Tokyo Cement’s 10 megawatt Biomass clean-energy power plant in Trincomalee is a first of its kind and frees the company from reliance on thermal power generation via the national grid. The company plans to open a similar plant in Mahiyangana which will contribute 5 megawatts to the national grid. Such progressive projects typify the company's approach to its business in terms of positive contributions to both the nation and the environment.

No stranger to being “the first”, Tokyo Cement has set up the country’s first automated cement factory.Coupled with Tokyo Cement’s silent mantra of “setting the standard” they surpassed the low-hanging fruit of local standardisation to become the first local corporation to achieve ISO 14001 Environment Management Systems certification, and the first cement manufacturer to achieve the ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems certification, all while surpassing UNFCCC’s strict protocols to accomplish 40,000tons of Certified Emission Reductions.


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