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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Increase in losses due to cost of fuel,Sri Lankan Airlines says

Increase in losses due to cost of fuel,Sri Lankan Airlines says
Increase in losses due to cost of fuel,Sri Lankan Airlines says
Sri Lankan Airlines says that the reason for the airlines to incur losses in the recent past was the increase in fuel prices,47 percent of the airlines revenue is spent on purchasing fuel,CEO of Sri Lankan Airlines, Kapila Chandrasena Said.

Chairman of Sri Lankan Airlines, Nishantha Wickramasinghe said:
''Globally aviation drives economies  and also generate jobs creates wealth in a country and Sri Lanka is not any exception. Aviation has benefited Sri Lanka in many ways over the years. The tourism hospitality sectors of our island depend almost exclusively on air transport. Therefore, ensuring that the aviation sector continues to grow and an sustain itself is in everybody's interest.''
you disengage that route. But as a national carrier we don't have that option. What we are looking at is, by pulling that service what is the greater impact or implication to the country, the country's economy and specifically the tourism industry. Our biggest loss making routes are the European, European tourists consists of around 55% of the total tourists, so that is why we are saying it is not so easy.''

CEO of Sri Lankan Airlines, Kapila Chandrasena said:

"What we see in the airline industry is very clear - it is an industry that gives a lot of value to its passengers, it partners other support services but it doesn't give a sufficient return to its own business. We are the national carrier, our decisions are not merely commercial. If it is commercial...we can easily reduce these losses. All you have to do is identify the destinations you fly, any route that makes losses
Speaking further Kapila Chandrasena said that an aircraft repair centre will be set up within the Mattala International Airport, through which Sri Lankan Airlines can earn a revenue of 100 million dollars annually.

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