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Monday, September 2, 2013


The following is based on the unique step taken by the Bolivian government in setting up a charter of rights for Mother Earth. A few parts of the text are the original words of the Bolivian charter but we of the Aquarius Children have added, altered and modified it to be more in line with the views and opinions of the communities and governments of the world. 

The planet earth is made up of three layers, a core, a mantle, and a crust. It is upon this crust a complex and diverse living eco-system has formed. This eco-system is a unique, yet fragile, interconnected system of life and environment. It holds menagerie of complex life forms from microscopic organisms to plants, animals and humans. These life forms interact with each other and nature to form a unique and symbiotic environment that supports us all. 

This unique system is subject to climatic and geological factors as well as from needs, greed and production practices of mankind.


1.Clean Air 
Earth has the right to expect the preservation of quality and composition of its air for sustaining living systems of the planet. Earth has the right to have its air protected from pollution ensuing the environment is maintained for the reproduction of the life forms of Mother Earth and all its components.

2.Clean Water
Mother Earth has the right to maintain the functionality of its water cycle.
Earth has the right to expect a sustained existence both in quantity and quality of its water systems.
Earth has a right to expect its water supply is safeguarded from pollution so that it can maintain an extant of life and ensure its reproduction not extinction.

3. Diversity of life
Mother Earth has the right to preserve differentiation and variety of beings, organisms, and plants that make up Mother Earth.
Earth has the right to expect its existence to be maintained without being structurally or genetically altered in any way that would cease to be in existence in their organic form.
Earth also has the right to expect functioning and future potential of beings, organisms, plants and fauna to be maintained for future generations.

4. Pollution Free Living
When human action has damaged the eco-system of Mother Earth it is their responsibility to quickly and effectively restore all that has been affected, either directly or indirectly.

 5. Right to Recognition and Defense
Mother Earth has a fundamental right to be recognized and defended by the peoples and governments of the world.
Earth’s right must be upheld to safeguard a safe sustainable environment for generations yet to come.

 6. Right to continuance
Mother Earth has a right to maintenance or restoration of the unique inter-relationships making up the complex functional components that make up Mother Earth.
Earth has the right to maintain life cycles and the reproduction of vital processes.

 7. Right to pollution free environments
Mother Earth has the right to be safeguarded from contamination by man whether that pollution is, toxic, radioactive or other forms.
Mother Earth has a basic right to be cleansed of these destructive pollutants.

8. Right to life
Mother Earth has the right to the future availability of resources and bio habitats..
The maintenance of all living systems and the natural processes that sustain them is Earth’s basic right.
These need sustainable conditions for regeneration and renewal.
These conditions are fundamental for not only the survival of the earth but for the very continuence of the human race and all living creatures.

9. Right to biodegrade
The use of non-biodegradable products and the subsequent landfill needs to cease immediately.
The planet has the right to not be altered and polluted by non biodegradable waste.
Recycling and other measures to alleviate this abuse has to be a fundamental and prioritized program of any body governing earths rights.

·         The governments and peoples of the planet must come to a unilateral agreement on all matters relating to earth’s rights.
·         A body such as the U.N. must monitor and maintain these rights without preference to any country or any nation holding the power of veto.
·         This body must be able to implement laws and prosecute by international juridical court those disregarding the right of the earth.
World government as an individual and collective must work in unison to ensure the existence and continued sustainability of resources and usage thereof so that the earth may absorb and adapt to damage shocks and be able to replenish and regenerate without altering significantly the earth’s natural cycles and must recognize that living systems are limited in their ability to regenerate and that mankind are still limited their ability to undo actions that cause adverse reactions within the balance of nature.
1. Develop public policies and systematic actions of prevention, early warning, protection, and precaution in order to prevent human activities causing the extinction of living populations, the alteration of the cycles and processes that ensure life, or the destruction of livelihoods, including cultural systems that are part of Mother Earth.
2. Develop balanced forms of production and patterns of consumption to satisfy the needs of the inhabitants of the earth to live well, while safeguarding the regenerative capacity and integrity of the cycles, processes and vital balance of Mother Earth.
3. Develop policies to protect Mother Earth from the multinational and international scope of the exploitation of its components, from the commodification of living systems or the processes that support them, and from the structural causes and effects of global climate change.
4. Develop policies to ensure long-term energy sovereignty, increased efficiency and the gradual incorporation of clean and renewable alternative sources into the energy matrix.
5. Demand international recognition of environmental debt through the financing and transfer of clean technologies that are effective and compatible with the rights of Mother Earth, among other mechanisms.
6. Promote the growth and recognition of right of Mother Earth in multilateral, regional and bilateral international relations. 

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