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Sunday, December 22, 2013

MYSTIC’S Christmas Message

MYSTIC’S Christmas Message
MYSTIC’S Christmas Message
Christmas is nearly upon us. Parents are running around trying to find all the gifts that they have been told that their family wants.

When you walk into any mall or store at this time of year, yes you see the beautiful trimmings of the Christmas season, but the spirit of Christmas is no where to be found. 

People tired and short tempered as they rush around to find all the gifts on their Christmas lists. You can see worry on some faces as you see they want to get gifts for their families but are worried on how they will pay for them. Some put everything on the credit card and spend the rest of the year paying it off just in time to max their card out again next Christmas. 

Old-Fashioned Christmas
Old-Fashioned Christmas
The children today think that Christmas is a cash cow as it were, where you ask for everything you want and expect to get it, I’ve seen some go into major crying fits and temper tantrums if they don’t get the colour and model of cell phone, or whatever it was they wanted, can you please tell me where is the spirit of Christmas there. 

We as parents have failed our children, no we did not set out to do this, but by wanting to make sure that our children have a better life than we did, we have short changed them in so many ways. I remember having to do chores, yes chores and I didn’t get paid for it.

We were taught manners to others and in showing respect. I am sad to say that it is hard to find a child in this country today with the upbringing that we had.

What did Christmas mean to me as a child growing up. Well getting the Christmas tree was always exciting, the smell of the pine filling the house. Decorating the tree as a family with dad letting us know if we were neglecting a spot. I remember us making some of the tree decorations to hang on the tree, the baking of cookies and candies for Christmas. Our family would make our own root beer for the holidays, it was an assembly line as we bottled it and put the bottles in the cupboard to mature so it would be ready by OldFashionedChristmas-5756-1Christmas.

I have found memories of sitting as a family and watching The Grinch that stole Christmas, and Frosty the Snowman. Going out when I was older with friends and family to go caroling, making sure we visited the Elderly, families with young children, and those that were going through a rough time. At the end of our caroling Santa would appear giving gifts to those that would not of had a Christmas other wise. Going to old folks homes to sing or visit with those that families no longer came to visit or could not. I think one of my best memories of this time of the year was being a secret Santa to a family, making sure the children had toys to open Christmas day and that they had what was needed for their dinner.

That is how I remember Christmas not in how much am I going to get but in of being of service to others, in making sure that they also would have a Christmas to celebrate. Yes that to me is the true meaning and sprite of this time, no we were not rich by any means, I remember being very young and having this happen to our family, so I know how it feels from both sides. I guess that was our families way of repaying those that gave from their hearts and made sure that we had a Christmas to celebrate as well.

This is what the real spirit of Christmas means to me, being with family and loved ones, making sure those that were in need are not left out. That we did what we could to make sure they had a Christmas as well. My prayer this year is for everyone to remember what is really important at this time, it is the sharing of our time and in helping others, that is what the true spirit of Christmas is all about. Its not about all the presents, its in the helping of our fellow man to show them that they are loved and not forgotten. May you all carry the true meaning of Christmas in your hearts. Blessings from my household to yours.


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