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Monday, February 10, 2014

Mihin Lankan facilitates memorable pilgrimages to Bodhigaya & Varanasi

Mr. Sudath Tennakoon - MD - Central Bearings and Machinery
Mr. Sudath Tennakoon -
 MD - Central Bearings and Machinery
Sri Lanka’s low cost carrier, Mihin Lanka, is facilitating Sri Lankan pilgrims in visiting the Buddhist holy site, Bodhagaya and Varanasi, with conveniently timed, affordably priced and frequent flights to the two destinations in India every week. The positive feedback from pilgrims who fly Mihin Lanka, demonstrates the value that the airline is adding to the lives of Sri Lankans.

Commenting on his experience of flying Mihin Lanka, Mr. Sudath Tennakoon, Managing Director/ CEO, Central Bearings & Machinery (PVT) Ltd., who undertook the meritorious act of personally undertaking Katina arrangements in Gaya, said: “When my family and I decided to undertake the Katina Arrangements at Gaya in November 2013, we realized we would have to make several trips there to meet the priest and authorities to plan this function. Dissatisfied with the facilities provided to pilgrims visiting Gaya, I decided to assist the priest building a suitable place for pilgrims to eat, rest and worship. The convenient Mihin Lanka flights made it very easy for me to travel every Saturday and return on Sunday as I personally supervised the construction of this building.

Commenting on the service he had this to say “The reverence and respect shown by ground and in-flight staff, especially to our Reverend Priests and elderly passengers, is worth mentioning, as is the fact that in all my travels on Mihin Lanka to Bodhgaya and back, I never experienced a single delay. In fact, many a time the flight landed earlier than scheduled. Finally, I would like to say a very special message to my fellow Sri Lankans that the most convenient, fastest and safest route for the Bodhgaya Pilgrimage is on Mihin Lanka!”

Mr. Tennakkoon added that he is grateful to Mihin Lanka for operating a low cost airline, thus giving all categories of people a chance to afford the sacred pilgrimage to Bodhgaya and Varanasi. “The installment scheme that the airline offers gives such a wonderful opportunity for pensioners, teachers and government servants to visit this most revered city. I was even more touched by the service and care they bestowed on elderly first-time travelers. Very special mention must be made of the Pilots on-board who make very clear announcements in Sinhala, reassuring first-time travelers that they are in safe hands and encouraging them to relax and enjoy the flight. Mihin Lanka staff took care of these pilgrims at every stage - from the time of the inquiry to the ticketing, documentation, assistance at the airports and in-flight service. I have no hesitation in recommending Mihin Lanka and its service to anyone, especially on the Bodhgaya sector.”

Currently flying to 10 destinations in the region, including The Seychelles, Bahrain, Dubai, Sharja Gaya, Varnasi, Madurai, Dhaka, Jakarta and Medan, Mihin Lanka, with its modern Airbus Fleet is fully geared to go beyond. Passengers onboard Mihin Lanka can also enjoy, upgraded meals, kids meals, duty free items for sale and Inflight entertainment and much more benefits.


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