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Saturday, July 19, 2014

CEL-SCI Expands Its Phase III Head and Neck Cancer Trial into Sri Lanka

CEL-SCI Expands Its Phase III Head and Neck Cancer Trial into Sri Lanka
CEL-SCI Expands Its Phase III Head and Neck Cancer
 Trial into Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka joins world's largest Head and Neck cancer Phase III trial

CEL-SCI Corporation (NYSE MKT:CVM) announced that Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Health has cleared the Company to commence patient enrollment for its Phase III Head and Neck Cancer clinical trial of its investigational cancer immunotherapy treatment Multikine* (Leukocyte Interleukin, Injection) in Sri Lanka. 
This follows similar clearance to conduct the Phase III study in the UK and Austria during the past weeks.Further expansion of the trial is underway with a goal to have a total of 880 patients enrolled through about 100 clinical centers in 20 countries by the end of 2015.

CEL-SCI's global pivotal Phase III clinical trial is the largest trial for head and neck cancer in the world. The trial, which already has over 220 patients enrolled, is assessing the Company's investigational immunotherapeutic agent Multikine as a potential first-line treatment for advanced primary head and neck cancer.
If approved for use following completion of CEL-SCI's clinical development program for head and neck cancer, Multikine would be a different type of therapy in the fight against cancer; one that appears to have the potential to work with the body's natural immune system in the fight against tumors.
"If Multikine can be proven to harness the immune system against cancer, we believe this could offer a new modality for the treatment of head and neck cancer that could work in concert with the other methods - surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, used today for the treatment of this debilitating disease." CEL-SCI Chief Executive Officer Geert Kersten said.

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