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Friday, July 25, 2014

Panther Celebrates 15 years of Learning through Play

Panther Products
Panther Products

Sri Lanka’s Premier Producer of Education Toys has big plans for the future

Panther, Sri Lanka’s leading educational toy and stationery manufacturer celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. One of the first and only manufacturers of educational products in the country, the company is renowned not only for the high quality of its range but also its cost effective principles and wide distribution network; that make Panther products accessible to all Sri Lankans, everywhere.   
Speaking of what inspired him to begin producing educational toys, Managing Director Mr.Nihal Atukorala said “We observed that there was a severe lack in the educational toy category, with the items that were available generally priced way out of the league of most people, and with nothing that could cater to children who were speaking and learning in our local languages. We are proud to say that over a short period of time we expanded our operations, and today we have a team of over 70 employees. We take great pride in harnessing fresh ideas and talent within our young workforce. In the recent years the female presence in our workforce has increased to 60%. We are an equal opportunity employer and we take pride in maintaining the best possible safety standards and   optimum working conditions.”

Panther NihalAtukorala-MD
Panther NihalAtukorala-MD
Talking of the future Mr. Atukorala, said “Our aim was to provide Sri Lankans with a cost effective product that is effective and of good quality. Our main product range currently caters to children between the ages of 2 and 6 and each product is tested to ensure that a child’s skill set is developed effectively and appropriately. We intend to keep going, researching and developing more and better products so that we can continue to contribute to the education sector both here and abroad”.  Proof that their formula is already successful is manifest in the fact that Nursery and pre-school teachers across Sri Lanka have turned to Panther Educational Aids to enable them to give children the skills they need to get a head start in life.

Every Panther product is made to the highest quality standards from non-toxic paints and materials. Careful research goes into the design and development of every Panther item and the company counts leading educational practitioners and child psychologists in the country as consultants on all their products. These world class products are also exported to the Maldives Islands, Norway, Portugal and the Netherlands.

Over 5 years after opening their first retail outlet in Kalubowila, Panther has expanded the outlets potential and now carries out weekend programs catering to children of all ages “Children can come in and spend time in the outlet engaged in arts and crafts and other educational activities, guided by our qualified facilitators. It’s a good, productive way for children to spend some time in a safe environment” explains Mr.Atukorala.

Panther has created a cross section of products that includes challenging games, puzzles, books and flash cards that, among other advantages, aid colour and shape recognition, encourage logical thinking, enhance vocabulary and encourage cognitive development through play and reading. A full range of the products they offer can be viewed on their website  


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