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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Samsung Electronics has extended its presence to the Maldives by partnering with HIKE and the only LTE Network Provider Ooredoo

H.K. Chang, Managing Director, Samsung  India  Electronics- Sri Lanka Branch Office, Vikram Sinha and CEO of Ooredoo and Hassan Risheef, Managing Director, HIKE holding up models of the Samsung GALAXY S5.
H.K. Chang, Managing Director, Samsung  India  Electronics-
Sri Lanka Branch Office, Vikram Sinha and CEO of Ooredoo
and Hassan Risheef, Managing Director,
HIKE holding up models of the Samsung GALAXY S5.
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd recently announced its partnership with HIKE which will now operate as a national distributor of Samsung products in the Maldives. Samsung and HIKE will also partner with telecommunications specialist, Ooredoo which will now act as the official network operator for all Samsung products distributed throughout the country. The partnership was announced at an official ceremony in the Maldives, attended by senior management and staff from Samsung, HIKE and Ooredoo. Ooredoo is the only network provider in the Maldives with 4G LTE coverage and will provide Samsung consumers with the fastest and best internet experience available. 

Commenting on Samsung’s new partnership and distribution expansion in the Maldives, H.K. Chang, Managing Director, Samsung India Electronics - Sri Lanka Branch Office said, “We are excited to partner with HIKE and expand our distribution presence in the Maldives. By partnering with Ooredoo, we also hope to elevate the level of service offered to our consumers.
We will now be able to offer a more diverse portfolio of products and the latest technology to consumers in the Maldivian market.  Through this partnership, Samsung will be able to deliver greater customer care and after sales service throughout the country. Our partnership with HIKE will enable us to distribute quality genuine products throughout the Maldives, whilst the partnership with Ooredoo will ensure that our consumers receive all the benefits of 4G LTE coverage to optimize the use of our products. Our valued partnerships with HIKE and Ooredoo will ensure that Samsung consumers in the Maldives receive the same quality products, service experience and customer care enjoyed by our consumers around the world.”
H.K. Chang, Managing Director, Samsung  India  Electronics- Sri Lanka Branch Office  and Vikram Sinha, CEO of Ooredoo officially announce their partnership in the Maldives.jpg
H.K. Chang, Managing Director, Samsung  India  Electronics-
Sri Lanka Branch Office  and Vikram Sinha,
CEO of Ooredoo officially announce
their partnership in the Maldives

Incepted in 2012, HIKE Maldives initially developed a specialist focus in the printer and toner cartridge category; thereafter the company expanded its operations and now offers consumers the latest technological products. HIKE’s foundation is built on cultivating an unrivalled customer relationship with its clients. The company focuses on delivering exceptional quality, reliable service and reasonable pricing to effectively meet the diverse needs of its client base.  HIKE’s current portfolio comprises a mix of technological products including laptops, phones, tablets, desktops, computer parts and accessories.  HIKE network includes one retail store specializing in selling mobile phones in central location of the country.

All Samsung devices distributed by HIKE Maldives will be supported by Ooredoo, a global telecommunications group with over 90 million customers in 17 countries. Under this partnership, the latest Samsung devices including the new Samsung Galaxy Core LTE as well as the Samsung GALAXY S5, will now be available on Ooredoo’s super-fast 4G LTE network. Ooredoo also announced special offers for two Samsung devices: The Samsung GALAXY Core LTE phone is now available under a three-month Ooredoo post-paid contract for an initial payment of just MVR 2,823. With the Ooredoo post-paid plan, customers will enjoy a 2 GB data allowance, free locals calls and SMS, as well as huge IDD discounts. Ooredoo has also introduced an offer for the Samsung GALAXY S5 which is available for MVR 12,826. For all Samsung Galaxy S5 users who sign up for new connections with Ooredoo’s post-paid platinum package; the first monthly fee of MVR 999 will be free.
Ooredoo Maldives has celebrated remarkable success and growth in the Maldives during its nine years of operation in the country. This innovative network operator has evolved with new technologies and has grown to meet the needs of today’s discerning customers.  Some of Ooredoo’s most recent highlights include the launch of 4G LTE for the first time in the country, the launch of the first and only mobile plan for 4G handsets and the achievement of providing 3G coverage to 95 percent of the population of the Maldives. Ooredoo is committed to delivering an affordable and high quality service. The company will ensure that all consumers using Samsung devices will enjoy an enriching and seamless experience with their network connections. Commenting on the partnership with Hike and Samsung, Vikram Sinha, CEO of Ooredoo, said, “We’re extremely proud to be the only operator to be certified by Samsung here in the Maldives. This is indeed a reflection of our strength as an innovative and highly-advanced network, and for our customers, the perfect opportunity to enjoy our superfast 4G network on the best devices available.”

A strategic partnership in the Maldives with HIKE and Ooredoo will provide Samsung with the opportunity to reach and serve its valued consumers more effectively. Ensuring a quality customer experience and developing state-of-the-art products enable Samsung to enhance consumer living and contribute to a better world filled with rich experiences.  

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