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Friday, September 26, 2014

Amãna Takaful Offers a Special 25% Off for ‘My Home’ Insurance

my home
my home
Amãna Takaful, the only fully-fledged Takaful operator in the country and the flag bearer of the Takaful way of insurance in Sri Lanka, is now offering 25 percent off its ‘My Home’ insurance policy for homeowners. The special discount on the policy is available for all homeowners until 31 October 2014.

Amãna Takaful believes that homes are havens of love, happiness and fulfilment. The company understands that it is difficult for homeowners to have peace of mind when they are continuously concerned about the safety of their homes and whether all their belongings are protected. Taking this into account, Amãna Takaful now offers a discount on their ‘My Home’ insurance cover, which is designed to protect homeowners from the losses caused by multiple risks and problems that can affect a home. 

Commenting on the ‘My Home’ insurance cover promotion, Adel Hashim, General Manager, Sales and Marketing, stated, “Our homes are an extremely important part of our lives. Most of us spend our life’s savings on building the perfect home. Building a home is not a simple task. After finding the perfect plot of land and building their home, some people spend over 30 years repaying their loans. After making such large investments, people do not consider the importance of protecting their homes. Often people insure their vehicles, businesses and health and forget to insure their homes. We feel it is very important that this aspect of insurance is adequately addressed and families have some sort of financial security in place.”

He further stated,” At Amãna Takaful we strive to provide our customers with a range of services and products to mitigate their financial risk and therefore, we are pleased to offer a discount of 25 percent on our ‘My Home’ insurance cover to encourage homeowners to secure their homes. Protecting clients and their homes is important to us and is a commitment which remains a top priority for us at Amãna Takaful.”

‘My Home’ ensures that your home is insured in the event of a burglary and covers the cost of damaged property and stolen goods. All belongings in the home including jewellery, valuables as well as interior and exterior decorations are protected by this cover. The cover also provides protection against damage caused by fires, falling trees and branches, explosions, natural disasters such as earthquakes, lightning and thunderstorms etc. Additionally it offers a host of free benefits such as, personal accident cover for the family, protection against loss of rent, loss of cash, fire brigade charges, replacement of ATM/credit cards, alternative accommodation requirements, deterioration of food in the refrigerator and much more.

Amãna Takaful has been recognized for its innovation and quality of service for over 15 years. The company has been acknowledged as the fastest growing composite insurer in the country and caters to a vast variety of customers. Recognized recently at the SLIBFI awards, the company received two gold awards for the ‘Best Islamic Finance Entity of the Year’ and for the ‘Product of the Year’ for KruthaGuna, the company’s unique hospitalization insurance policy for senior citizens over 55 years of age. 

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