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Thursday, September 25, 2014

CLA to enhance leadership effectiveness through ‘High Performance Leadership Program’

Aimed at inspiring sustainable leadership, the Colombo Leadership Academy’s (CLA’s) flagship ‘High Performance Leadership Program’ is designed to enable and empower business leaders, giving them the competencies needed to succeed in today’s highly-volatile and ambiguous business environment.
On from 2-4 October 2014 at The Kingsbury Hotel, the program is an ideal learning opportunity for those who are charged with driving business growth, creating high performance teams and value for the organization and responsible for successfully leading and managing change. It will enable HODs/senior managers and entrepreneurs to reach new horizons through developing deeper leadership insights and competencies for accelerated and sustainable business growth.
The three-day program outline comprises ‘Next Generation Leaders as Strategists,’ ‘Leading with Emotional Intelligence’ and ‘Leading Change and Transformation’ on day 1; ‘Leading Strategic Direction,’ ‘Strategy Execution’ and ‘Leading for Operational Excellence’ on day 2; and ‘The First 100 Days of the CEO’ and ‘The Leader as a Coach’ on day 3, making for a comprehensive coaching engagement.

Archana Law
Archana Law
“The program is geared to coach business leaders on how they could effectively create cultures where people and strategies align well for the creation of a shared vision and favorable results. It encourages using leadership competencies effectively to increase organizational performance through a high degree of self-awareness, authenticity, relating and achieving mindsets. It features cutting edge content and context ideally suited to mitigate challenges in the local industry and to craft innovative strategies to drive robust performance. Thought leaders and innovators will share real world experiences and how they impacted their leadership journeys through one-to-one coaching. The sessions would energize innovative strategic thinking and how business leaders could institute such cultures back in their organizations to drive sustainable performance,” elaborated Riaz Hassen, Leadership and Success Coach.
Industry experts and thought leaders comprise Dilshan Rodrigo, Dr. Saman Yapa, Andy Ng, Riaz Hassen, Archana Law and Jayantha Fernando, who have the highest credentials in their respective disciplines and invaluable industry and academic experience, offering a range of specialties in leadership coaching.
Commenting on the relevance of the program in the current corporate environment, Archana Law said, "Today's business leaders require to lead their teams with a great sense of emotional intelligence, this helps to sustain long term growth and shared vision in organizations. A high degree of focus on this area also helps to effectively lead change and transformation and to align people's mind sets and strategic visions of organizations."

The Colombo Leadership Academy can be reached via phone +94 720 865000/1/2 and by email via or or visiting

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