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Monday, September 22, 2014

ExcelSoft to implement ERP solutions at Quantum Clothing India

Excelsoft Quantum India
Nitish Kohli, Business Analyst; Quantum Clothing India;
 Rob Walker, Finance and IT Systems Manager, Quantum Clothing Group;
 Joson Chokatte, Director, ExcelSoft and
Dammika Abeysinghe, Project Lead, ExcelSoft.
British apparel manufacturing firm Quantum Clothing Group Ltd. has awarded the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning solutions for its Indian operation to Sri Lankan software firm ExcelSoftQuantum Clothing India, set up in area of 11.32 acres in Andhra Pradesh currently employs a 2100 workforce approximately. The India factory established in August 2010 commenced their first shipment in April 2011.

The agreement follows ExcelSoft’s implementation of the TOPS ERP solution in Quantum Sri Lanka’s Horana factory in 2012.  The system seamlessly integrated all business critical data flowing through various departments that are decisive for the businesses to reach its objectives and stay competitive in the apparel industry. 

The bundle tracking component in TOPS ERP was modified to suit Quantum Sri Lanka’s specific requirements, allowing it to track via bar code scanning the production work in progress throughout the manufacturing process from cutting to shipping.  Adding further value to Quantum Sri Lanka operations, TOPS ERP along with the integration of ExcelSoft’s payroll solution, known as SEAMS, facilitates to capture employee and team production efficiencies and generate incentives automatically. 

The 120,000 sq. ft. Horana factory was established on a £5m investment in 1999 and manufactures the complete range of lingerie products with a capacity of 1.4 million units per month.  Its machinery is constantly upgraded in order to take complete advantage of new technologies as they are introduced.

The successful, result-driven implementation in Sri Lanka prompted Quantum Clothing Group to expand the TOPS ERP solution to their factory in India in order to achieve similar objectives and forge continuous growth.  Quantum India was initially set up to manufacture lingerie and later  expanded its portfolio to include woven and knitted garments.  A separate unit set up in 2012 specialises in high end formal shirts for Marks & Spencer.

Commenting on the selection of the Sri Lankan software provider, Rob Walker, Finance and IT Systems Manager, Quantum Clothing Group said, “When looking for an ERP system provider for Quantum Sri Lanka, ExcelSoft stood out because they knew the industry, had a good solid software offering and also wanted to work with us to align the system to our business process. Throughout the implementation we have continually seen that ExcelSoft has ‘gone the extra mile’ to be flexible and accommodate our requirements including the ones that are unique to us.  Modular wise deployment of TOPS ERP at Quantum Sri Lanka helped us manage our resources efficiently, allowing a smooth implementation with complete focus on what we want to achieve throughout the project.”

Yohan Lawrence, Country Manager, Quantum Intimates Sri Lanka added, “Working with ExcelSoft has been very easy for us from the beginning since they clearly understand our business processes, our goals and the pain points when it comes to running things manually.  By implementing TOPS, we were able to improve our existing processes.  With the coordination of information across all departments, we are now able to have better control of our day-to-day transactions, which helps us make long range planning for improved lead times and better decision making.”

Commenting on the implementation in India, Joson Chokatte, Director of ExcelSoft said, “We are thrilled to be starting our first implementation in the Indian subcontinent, and even more pleased that we are implementing it with a partner as close to us as Quantum Clothing. Their commitment and drive to ensure the ERP is not only successfully implemented, but also utilised to its fullest, has allowed us to provide them with a best in class solution, tailored to meet their exact requirements. We are confident the implementation in India will allow us to continue to provide a comprehensive, winning solution to one of the industry’s leaders”

Quantum Clothing Group is a hub of commercial, design and development activities with dedicated specialists in areas such as design, garment and fabric technology.  With factories in Sri Lanka, India and Cambodia, Quantum Intimates is a key supplier to Marks and Spencer both for ladies’ and men’s underwear.

About ExcelSoft:

Founded in 2001, ExcelSoft has been providing high performance enterprise solutions for over a decade.  ExcelSoft caters to a wide variety of industries and customers such as apparel manufacturing, education, payroll, HR and more.  Its flagship ERP product powers the business decisions of several industry leaders and is one of the most robust and comprehensive ERP solutions to be developed and supported in Sri Lanka.

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