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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Perine for COCO – A fresh new line by two of Sri Lanka’s leading fashion icons

Cotton Collection’s Managing Director Niloufer Anverally
Cotton Collection’s Managing Director Niloufer Anverally
Drawing inspiration from the colourful and carefree spirit of island life, COCO (Cotton Collection’s in-house brand) recently launched its latest designer line – Perine for COCO. This fresh new line embodies effortless sophistication and was created by international supermodel Perine Fernando and Cotton Collection’s Managing Director, Niloufer Anverally. As far as creative collaborations go, Perine for COCO  is the perfect blend of both women’s creative flair and sense of style. Perine brings with her a wealth of fashion experience, having worked for some of the world’s most iconic fashion houses such as Dior, Armani, Yves St. Laurent, Nina Ricci, Giorgio Armani and many more.  Niloufer brings with her an intuitive understanding of Sri Lankan style and an in-depth knowledge of what appeals to young and dynamic Sri Lankan women.

COCO is inspired by the look and feel of the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. Islanders are known for their casual flair which is stylish and elegant but simple at the same time. Blending vibrant colours with casual design, COCO offers effortlessly chic fashion options for free-spirited women who are truly fun loving. The COCO brand is all about being free, having fun and living to the fullest. COCO is about all the little moments that matter, it’s about smelling the ocean, dancing in the rain, loving wildly, living passionately, breaking barriers and freeing the soul. COCO partners with many local and international designers to craft beautiful collections and has previously collaborated with James Ferreira and KT Brown.

Perine for COCO is a collection of edgy basics featuring a bevy of deep colours with a twist of drape. Each piece is carefully crafted to look effortlessly sophisticated and elegant. This collection transfers the latest trends from the high streets of New York to Sri Lanka. New York is one of the world’s greatest fashion capitals and Perine for COCO now gives young Sri Lankan women, the opportunity to own their very own piece of New York inspired fashion. This is Perine’s second line for Cotton Collection and it features bold and classic autumn colours such as grey, navy blue, black, white, burgundy and khaki. Warm earthy shades combined with cooling tones reminiscent of a colourful autumn day give this collection its distinct look and feel.
Explaining the beauty of the Perine for COCO line in greater detail, Perine Fernando stated, “This line is an extension of my personal style and preferences. As a busy mom who is working in New York, one of the busiest cities in the world, I have very little time so I need pieces of clothing that are beautiful, elegant and easy to wear. Comfort, a great price point and a look of effortless sophistication are very important to me and I have incorporated these into the Perine for COCO line.  I think when trying to be fashionable, you should never look like you spent hours trying to achieve a particular look, a sense of effortless adds a beautiful elegance to anything you wear. This collection is also ideal for busy women because it’s extremely versatile and many of the pieces can easily be mixed and matched.”

Describing some of her favourite pieces, she further stated, “There’s a fabulous skirt in the collection with a long slit right at the front, this really shows off your legs and curves. Another piece I really love is the black backless top which uses elegant draping to highlight the back and shoulders. This entire collection highlight’s a woman’s beauty and it’s comfortable and extremely easy to wear.”

Highlighting what’s special about the line, Niloufer Anverally, Managing Director of Cotton Collection stated, “Perine for COCO is a special line because it embodies the latest trends straight from New York. It’s also incredibly simple, elegant and versatile. This line is ideal for busy women who don’t have lots of time on their hands, they need to have access to great ready-to-wear pieces. The colours and style of the pieces in the collection can easily be dressed down for work and then dressed up for a cocktail or dinner with great accessories and shoes. Aside from being incredibly versatile, the pieces in this collection are very comfortable. Jersey is a wonderful fabric as it really hugs you, it’s very soft and has a nice looseness to it.”

Cotton Collection and COCO have enjoyed continuous success in Sri Lanka and as the brands continue to expand, a variety of exciting projects and collections are now in the pipeline. Perine for COCO is a limited edition collection that is available at the flagship Cotton Collection store. Cotton Collection offers a truly magnificent and complete shopping experience in the heart of Colombo, with designated departments showcasing clothing, shoes, bags and accessories in vibrant colours and elegant designs.  
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