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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mihin Lanka goes the extra mile to delight customers

Jagath Alwis
Jagath Alwis

A customer testimonial featuring Jagath Alwis, Chief Technical Officer, Ceylinco Insurance PLC

Mihin Lanka is Sri Lanka’s national low-cost carrier and prides itself on providing customers with an enjoyable and comfortable flying experience, at an affordable price. In a recent customer testimonial, Jagath Alwis, Chief Technical Officer, Ceylinco Insurance PLC shared his Mihin Lanka experience.

Jagath Alwis has been in the insurance industry for over thirty years. He is currently the Chief Technical Officer of Ceylinco Insurance PLC and is also the Chairman of the Ceylinco Education Group which owns ANC, Wycherley International School, ICBT and many other prestigious educational institutes. In his work, he wears both the hats of an insurance professional and an education specialist. Alwis constantly travels to attend meetings and conferences and his work takes him to different destinations in the region and around the world. Alwis recently won the ‘Personality of the Year’ award at the 18th Asia Insurance Industry Awards 2014 held in Taipei. He is the first person from South Asia to win this prestigious award at one of the region’s biggest annual insurance events which is organized by the Asia Review. 

Commenting on why he chooses to fly Mihin Lanka, Alwis stated, “I have flown international airlines from around the world, but whenever possible, I try to fly Mihin Lanka. There’s something special about flying a national airline, you feel more special and both the ground and cabin crews always take great care of you. Mihin Lanka also always provides exceptional value for money. I’ve noticed that the entire team doesn’t just strive to satisfy customers, Mihin Lanka goes the extra mile to delight its customers.”

Outlining the key benefits of flying Mihin Lanka, Alwis said, “Mihin Lanka offers extremely affordable flights and an excellent service. Mihin Lanka also flies to a variety of destinations in the region that no other airline flies to. These direct flights to key locations such as Bahrain, Jakarta and Dhaka offer some of the most convenient flight options available.  Mihin Lanka also offers really good connection times and is extremely punctual; I don’t recall a Mihin Lanka flight ever being late.”

Commenting on a memorable experience he had on board Mihin Lanka, Alwis stated, “I have flown a variety of carriers to over 70 countries around the world.  I fly to Bangladesh, Bahrain and Jakarta regularly to attend conferences that are part of the Association of Insurance & Reassurance of Developing Countries (AIRDC). I also travel extensively for business and pleasure and I have always had a pleasant experience with Mihin Lanka. I have flown for the finals of every Cricket World Cup that Sri Lanka has played in since 1996.  When I was returning from the T20 World Cup in Bangladesh, Mihin Lanka was flying the national cricket team home and it truly was a special experience to fly back with them. This is one of my fondest memories on board Mihin Lanka. Whenever I fly Mihin Lanka, I have a hassle free and enjoyable flight experience and that is why Mihin Lanka is my first choice of airline whenever I plan a trip.”

Highlighting the national pride he feels in regards to Mihin Lanka, Alwis said, “The next Association of Insurance & Reassurance of Developing Countries (AIRDC) conference will be held in the Seychelles. Whilst planning the initial event, I noticed that many educational and government officials were familiar with Mihin Lanka and referred to the airline with confidence and praised it. I felt very proud of the airline and was reassured by how popular and well-reputed Mihin Lanka is in the Seychelles. The reputation Mihin Lanka is building by offering great value for money is bringing the airline and the country, significant recognition around the world.”

Mihin Lanka is a leading low-cost airline in South Asia that operates across many destinations in the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East and South East Asia. Since its launch in 2007, Mihin Lanka has come a long way, becoming one of the region’s most admired affordable travel brands. The airline strives to maintain the highest standards and is the only low-cost airline which provides a complimentary on-board meal and a free checked-in baggage allowance.  Focused on delivering the best to its customers, Mihin Lanka continuously adapts to passenger needs, in order to further fulfil its mission of being the leading low-cost airline in the region.

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