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Saturday, April 9, 2016

WebXpay sponsors Science College at inter school rugby tournament

Faiz Ifthikar (Head of Sales, WebXpay), Sajith Chanuka (Co-Founder/Director, WebXpay), Susantha Mendis (Principle, Science College), Amila Chaturanga (Coach), Inticab Khan (Head of Operations, WebXpay)
Faiz Ifthikar (Head of Sales, WebXpay), Sajith Chanuka (Co-Founder/Director, WebXpay),
 Susantha Mendis (Principle, Science College),
Amila Chaturanga (Coach), Inticab Khan (Head of Operations, WebXpay) 
E-commerce enabler WebXpay announced its sponsorship of Science College, Mount Lavinia for the Singer Schools Rugby Tournament 2016. Through its support for young sportsmen, WebXpay hopes to expand their opportunities and open doors beyond the playing field.
WebXpay will offer small to medium enterprises high quality e-commerce solutions at an extremely affordable monthly fee by bundling a variety of services together. The start-up has created a customisable and secure e-business platform that accepts payments through any major credit card as well as other mobile based wallet payment systems.
Last year’s knockout champions Science College, Mount Lavinia have made a promising start to the season – the result of intense training, perseverance, and the team’s signature winning attitude in action.
Noting the shift in consumer habits from in-store to online purchasing, WebXpay Founder and CEO, Omar Sahib commented, “There is a wave of passionate young entrepreneurs looking for feasible methods of building a successful, robust business model. WebXpay empowers them by giving them an international scale platform to operate from. It removes many barriers, exponentially expanding their customer base.
“We believe school leavers should have options to explore and potential to earn – income that could possibly fund higher education. We are overjoyed to be able to take this first step in supporting the students of Science College achieve their dreams. We envision a bright future for Sri Lanka’s next generation – one that is free of barriers that prevent good businesses from being even greater.”

WebXpay can be customised to suit web and social media commerce for retail stores, hotels and villas, as well as service based businesses and offers the valuable advantage of accepting payments from overseas.

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