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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mindshare Sets New Record at Effie Awards 2015 with Sunlight Campaign

Mindshare Team Unilever - the first primary media agency to win an Effies Gold award
Mindshare Team Unilever - the first primary media
agency to win an Effies Gold award
 Mindshare Team Unilever continued to dominate the Sri Lankan advertising industry with a record-breaking performance at the recently concluded Effie Awards 2015.
Bagging a total of seven campaign awards, including a Gold Award for its pioneering work on the Sunlight Digital Festival of Lights campaign, Mindshare Team Unilever won widespread praise and recognition among the Effie panel of judges for its creativity in harnessing consumer insights to build a powerful and effective communications strategy.
“The success that our team at Mindshare has been able to generate over the past six months is inspiring. We have been able to really place our philosophy of driving speed, provocation and team-work to produce compelling media campaigns capable of touching the hearts of Sri Lankans from all walks of life. I wish to register my sincere gratitude to our Client Lead for Mindshare Team Unilever, Bakmee Perera and the entire team behind this great campaign.
Mindshare Team Unilever win a Gold Award for Sunlight Digital Festival of Lights campaign
Mindshare Team Unilever win a Gold Award for
Sunlight Digital Festival of Lights campaign
“This ability to spark sincere and meaningful interactions between brands and their consumers is at the root of our success and we will continue to emulate and refine this ground-breaking model moving forward,” Head of Mindshare, Prasanga Jayatunga stated.
The Digital Festival of Lights campaign, which was focused around one of Sri Lanka’s most important religious festivals, Vesak, saw Sunlight utilising the connective power of media and mobile technology to give Sri Lankans from across the island the ability to be a part of the festivities.
Launched across electronic, print and social media, the Sunlight campaign transcended channels, generating an unprecedented number of engagements never before seen in a campaign within a short span of 5 days.
“The role of media agencies in developing marketing and communications strategies is constantly evolving and we are confident that Mindshare will have a leading role to play in redefining standards and setting new benchmarks.
Effies Gold award for Sunlight Digital Festival of Lights
Effies Gold award for Sunlight Digital Festival of Lights
“As Sri Lankan consumers become more sophisticated in their interactions with brands, we are confident that new opportunities will be created for agencies that seek to leverage technology to reach a much wider consumer demographic. I commend Mindshare Team Unilever for their creative and pioneering efforts and look forward to working on more innovative campaigns with the team going forward,” Group M Chief Operating Officer, Sabry Haniz stated.
In addition to its record-breaking effectiveness, the campaign also broke the mould by having its conceptualization and execution being primarily led by Mindshare in its capacity as a media agency instead of the industry norm. In doing so, Mindshare became the first primary Media agency in Effies history to win a Gold award.
“We are truly delighted that the Mindshare team’s efforts as our primary media agency have earned such powerful recognition. The media-led Sunlight campaign has been winning awards around the world based on its success in building an experience that engaged with Sri Lankans around the island in addition to our recent success at the Effies.
“The team also played a vital role in securing awards for all of the other Unilever campaigns at this year’s Effie Awards. Their excellent work provided crucial support for Unilever to win Marketer of the Year and we are confident that Mindshare Team Unilever will continue to reach even greater heights in future,” Unilever Head of Media and Activations, Channa Tennakoon stated.
Mindshare Team Unilever’s success at the Effie Awards follows the agency’s unprecedented international winning streak that it embarked upon after taking prizes at Goa Fest in February 2016, winning bronze at the Festival of Media Awards APAC in the mobile category and further recognition at the recently concluded SLIM NIELSEN Awards and Smarties APAC.

Mindshare is one of GroupM’s media investment management operations, and manages media investment and communication planning for key advertisers such as Unilever, GSK, Etisalat, and AMW to name a few in Sri Lanka.

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