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Thursday, February 23, 2017

MV Hoegh Tracer to call at Hambantota port

MV Hoegh Tracer
MV Hoegh Tracer

World’s largest car, truck carrier

MV Hoegh Tracer, the world’s largest car and truck carrier is scheduled to call at Hambantota port during the first week of March 2017. The ship’s owning company Hoegh Autoliners AS uses Hambantota port as a major transshipment hub for their cargo destined for various parts of the world.

The vessel is plying under MIAF service (Middle East, India & Africa Service).The ship ‘Hoegh Tracer’ is 200-meter long and 36-meter wide vessel capable of carrying 8,500 vehicles on her 14 decks having space of 71,400 square meters equivalent to 10 football grounds.

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