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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

New Arrivals & Style Trends at KiMO Ceylon in Time for the New Year

KiMO Ceylon
KiMO Ceylon
KiMO Ceylon, the latest Korean brand with everything cool home decor, stationary, cosmetics, digital accessories and more is taking over Colombo. The modern-minimalist store offers everything from cute soft toys and colourful stationery to digital knick-knacks and handy travel accessories to make you swoon. With more than 200 new products in their new collection, KiMO Ceylon offers quality products at affordable prices covering the hottest-trending items from Korea.

The array of products in ranges from the latest collection of coffee mugs, scarfs, cute pastel-colored handbags and an expansion of their cosmetic range. With a variety of cleansing and moisturizing picks including makeup remover wipes with Olive Oil to facial foam to double-cleanse.  The new range of masks includes sheet masks for your whole face, eye masks, and nose masks. The wide selection of hair and body care products makes for an entire bath routine from all the offerings in store! Makeup lovers, can also be pleased to know that there is a modest yet interesting selection of makeup available including base makeup consisting of three different types of BB creams. The lipsticks are anything but ordinary, featuring dual-ended tubes, two-tone bars, along with a dual-ended eyeshadow stick/eyeliner. They are also several types of eyeliner, mascara, and brow pens with product prices starting at Rs. 275/- upwards. Not forgetting, the men’s collections of leather slippers, boxers to men’s perfumes and socks, KiMO Ceylon offers something for every need.

They new Stationary and Back to School range are a selection of just about everything cool for your kids. The wide selection of items includes school bags, an array of water bottles and quirky notebooks and pens. From cloth storage boxes, to air tight glassware to basic tupperwear boxes, KiMO’s new Creative Home Necessities has everything you home would need. Adding to the popular range of Scents, the new collection also offers car air fresheners, to cupboard scents to home scents that are ideal to keep your surroundings smelling perfect.

The New Collection is the epitome of innovative design that meets the lifestyle needs of customers.  Shop now at the ideal one-stop-shop for this season at No. 28, Galle Road, Wellawatte (Next to Savoy Cinema).


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  2. La frontière de mes mots.

    Je mentionne la
    vie qui brille,
    silencieuse, dans
    la première pensée
    d'une nouvelle
    émotion et ainsi
    cette mémoire,
    dans ton coeur,
    rappelle la lumière.

    Francesco Sinibaldi

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  8. The new collection reflects the very current trends and style of the customers. And the designs are so impressive.

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  10. Waiting for the new design and styles, hopefully you can release it this year :)

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