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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Talking Ad ! Ceylon Today and Sadaharitha remake media history

The Talking Ad ! Ceylon Today and Sadaharitha
Ceylon Today  joined with sadaharitha plantations Limited

Ceylon Today, joining hands with another innovative company, Sadaharitha Plantations Limited turns a brand new chapter in Sri Lankan media history today,

by coming out with an exclusive innovation never seen or ‘heard of’ before.Sri Lanka’s newest and path-breaking English news paper – comes out with a ‘Talking Ad’- a light-sensitive unit placed at the back of its main section. This unit is installed

The Talking Ad
The Talking Ad

underneath the jacket in today’s edition. When the reader opens the jacket, the sensor will be exposed to light, activating the light-sensitive unit, which will transform into a ‘Talking Advertisement’ mesmerizing the reader. Through out the history of Sri Lankan media, there has never been such a mind-blowing innovation such as the ‘Talking AD.’

An innovative forestry investment company – Sadaharitha Plantations Limited engages in the establishment of private commercial forest plantations such as Sandalwood and Teak to generate sustainable long-term investment opportunities and solutions for both Sri Lankans and non-Sri Lankans.

“This is also a golden opportunity for Sri Lankans who are working or living away from country. Our plantations are located in quality lands in different areas in Sri Lanka.
Therefore our customers have the freedom to choose the lands according to their desires.
We have also stepped into food export (S.A.F.E.) and irrigation systems to broaden our
horizons,” said an official from Sadaharitha Plantations Limited.

Splendor Media takes pride in taking forward the‘Talking Ad’ media execution,
conceptualized by Ceylon Today, which is a first of its kind in Sri Lanka. The agency
endeavors continuously to facilitate out-of-the-box exposure to its clients to stand out from the clutter.

Splendor Media is a full-on advertising agency which specializes in media buying, creative execution, public relations and brand engagement activities with a focus on quality, service and ROI, leveraging its media buying strength on behalf of all its clients. Splendor is known for producing effective and creative work that sells. The Company is supported by a dedicated staff and showcases a growing portfolio of the nation’s most sought after clients.


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