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Thursday, August 9, 2012

World leading Emergency Services Company to Invest in Sri Lanka

Falck Invests in Sri Lanka-E-Lanka news
The world leading international Emergency Services Company, Falck (Denmark) has acquired 50 percent of Sri Lankan Emergency Medical Services (EMS) company, Med1 (Pvt) Limited.
Med1 plans to launch emergency medical response services in the Colombo area by the end of 2012. “The partnership between Med1 and Falck not only enables us to implement a high-class emergency ambulance service in Colombo; it will also ensure we have the future resources and capacity required to expand our coverage across Sri Lanka.Our goal is to implement a reliable, high quality service that is also affordable,” says Donnie Woodyard Jr, Med1 CEO.

Med1 (Pvt) Limited Lanka news
Falck’s initial investment will be focused on operationalizing EMS in Colombo. This will include further development of Med1’s, 24-hour, trilingual dispatching center, putting a modern fleet of European standard ambulances and response vehicles on the road, and hiring and training hundreds of new medical care providers to offer international quality medical care in Sri Lanka.
“The goal is to give Sri Lankans peace of mind, knowing that during a medical emergency, help is only a phone call away,” says Mr. Woodyard. “With the system we are setting up, that peace of mind can become a reality. By simply making a short phone call to our hotline, you can have highly trained professionals, prepared to begin immediate treatment, at your door within minutes. For many, this can mean the difference between life and death.”
“We are pleased to partner with the founders of Med1 in Sri Lanka and are looking forward to quickly providing high quality Emergency Medical Services in case of sickness or injuries in Sri Lanka,” says Anders Delcomyn Larsen, Falck Executive Vice President, EMS Europe and Asia.
Med1 is a Sri Lankan Board of Investment approved company established in 2011 to implement international standard Emergency Medical Services in Sri Lanka. Med1’s current offerings include: medical and first aid training, a public access defibrillation program, and a 24-hour, trilingual first aid advice line.
Falck is the largest multinational ambulance services provider globally. Falck is currently operational in over 30 countries with 1800+ ambulances responding to more than two million emergency calls each year.
Falck is a Nordic based organization with business activities in 35 countries on five continents. It consists of four different business areas: Assistance, Emergency, Healthcare and Training. Falck’s activities are directed at preventing accidents and disease; providing assistance in situations of emergency, accidents or need; and helping people move on with their lives after illness or accidents. Falck is the largest privately owned ambulance company in Europe and also runs extensive ambulance services in the US and Latin America, the largest privately operated fire fighting service in Europe and is a global leader in rescue and safety courses.
August 8 | 2012 (Colombo, Sri Lanka) 

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