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Friday, January 4, 2013

Sri Lankan and Indian websites hacked

Sri Lankan and Indian webSites hacked
Sri Lankan and Indian webSites hacked

Grey Hat hacker

A Bangladesh hacker group known as ‘Bangladesh Grey Hat Hackers’ has made an online claim that they had hacked 22 Sri Lankan Government sites after a Sri Lankan hacker challenged them.

The affected domains represent the sites of the Public Service Commission, the Department of Sports, the Department of Agriculture, the Ministry of Health and some private sector websites.

“Some so-called hacker from Sri-Lanka challenged us that their country’s gov sites are too secured and unbreachable. We defaced the 22 gov sites to show them and to prove them ‘No system is secured from us.’ We also urge the government of Sri-Lanka to increase the security of their sites,” the Grey Hat hackers said in a statement.

Grey Hat hacker

Grey Hat Hackers are hackers that have designed their own good reasons to hack computers and networks. They're like Robin Hoods of today's age. They can be seen as a mixture of White Hat and Black Hat Hackers. Grey Hat Hackers can perform good for some individuals which enables it to even cause damage based on their approach. One example is, Grey Hat Hackers commonly hack sites they will feel is socially bad like adult and gambling sites. Some from these breed of hackers hack systems and networks, find out the weaknesses and loop holes and report them to the particular organizations or owners. This is done exclusively for getting recognition, showing-off or some of their own motives and dreams.

Now some of the affected websites have been restored


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