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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

14th Sri Lanka Economic Summit 2013

 14th Sri Lanka Economic Summit 2013
 14th Sri Lanka Economic Summit 2013 

"Re-Balancing the Economy"

The Sri Lanka Economic Summit 2013 organized by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce to be held in Colombo in July 2013 will focus on "Re-Balancing the Economy" with seven sessions focusing on seven subtopics,announced the Island’s premier business Chamber.

The summit under the rebalancing economy theme will comprise sessions on 
‘Managing the Fiscal Deficit, Export Strategy: Time to re-think and re-focus’, ‘Enhancing Competitiveness through higher Productivity’, ‘connecting to untapped Resources and Demography’ and ‘Skills Development’.
The sessions will also discuss topics such as, ‘Powering the Nation for the Future and Challenges to Re-balancing the Economy’.
CCC says, this year’s main title was chosen after careful deliberations.
"The Sri Lanka Economic Summit 2013 is the ultimate platform to gain a comprehensive understanding of the county's economy, the investment climate and the diverse opportunities available for investors and businessmen", the CCC said.

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