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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Russia to donate eight helicopters to Sri Lanka

 Russia to donate eight helicopters to Sri Lanka
 Russia to donate eight helicopters to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is prepared to help Russia

Russia Federation announced that it has taken steps to provide eight large helicopters to Sri Lanka as a total donation; the Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Office said.
Russia, which has submitted a bid for obtaining “Expo 2020” Exhibition to Russia also urged Sri Lanka’s support for the same. He told that they are not prepared to give up that opportunity at any cost as their country owns one of the stable economies in the world. To win this opportunity the vote of Sri Lanka is very important to them. Hundred and sixty two countries are competing for this exhibition. There are some Asian countries among them.

Prime Minister Jayaratne said that Sri Lanka is prepared to help Russia, if it requests for a help as the Russian Federation is a intimate friend of Sri Lanka. United Soviet Socialist Republic as well as the Russian Federation assisted Sri Lanka financially and institutionally to uplift the economic and political stability in the country. He added that Russia volunteered dedicatedly to support Sri Lanka at difficult stages in defeating the 30 year long war and this support is clearly visible at international level today. When some Western countries including USA accuse Sri Lanka on false human rights violations Russia and China came forward to mitigate such allegations, the statement added.


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