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Saturday, August 24, 2013

"We need the publics' help !

"We need the publics' help !
In Sri Lanka there are so many animals suffering and facing unnecessary death, mostly due to a lack of knowledge & responsibility of its people. There are many veterinary clinics that want to help out and that provide free service, but they cannot do their work for 100% without your help.

Ways people DON'T take responsibiliy & how to solve this problem?

1. Animals are often brought to the clinic when their health is already too far gone. Why waiting for months before getting your pet treatnened for fleas, mange, parasites ...? Even the smallest wound gets infected (esp in tropical countries) and becomes a life threatening case if people just hope for a miracle that won't happen. Solution  if you notice your pet is not feeling well, not eating/drinking, feeling sore ... go to a vet immediately.

2. Vets get daily confronted with the price of ignorance and a lack of compassion. Too often pups are dropped off and left in bags/boxes at a clinic at night. Puppies, often too young to leave their mother, get dehydrated and are frequently found dead by the time a clinics' employee finds them. Solution  treat your pet/stray as if it is your own child. If a child is ill, you don't wait for weeks before you go to a doctor. Do the same with your pet, ask help of a vet when you notice it's necessary. Don't use a clinic as a garbage bin where animals get disposed.

3. Main reason why Sri Lanka has one of the highest amount of strays is because people don't get their pet neutered. Most dog or cat owners can't give the necessary care to the many puppies/kittens their pet deliver. In 99% of the cases these little creatures are doomed to live their miserable lives on the Streets: not getting fed, not having their basic vaccinations to prevent several diseases (amongst them rabiĆ«s) ... The animals who do survive, will again give many litters ... it's a vicious circle that needs to be broken.

- neuter your pet around min age of 5-6 months
- get yearly vaccinations against rabies and many other diseases/viruses that   can/will kill in no time
- care for treatment against fleas, ticks ...
  From Belgium

This basic care will not only benefit your pet, but also the rest of the animal population and humans. Vets all over the country are asking the community for your help. They want to work with you, not against you. This concerns strays and domestic pets ... they all matter.

We would like to ask people to have more compassion and to get help if they see an animal in need. Every person out there can make a difference in a good way, please be a part of this (and act like a real buddhist)."

Written by IlSE Ruyssers
From Belgium

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