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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mihin Lanka trainee pilots undergo specialized training at the SriLankan Airlines Type Rating Training Organisation

Cadets at the SriLankan Airlines Type Rating Training Organisation
Cadets at the SriLankan Airlines Type
 Rating Training Organisation
Mihin Lanka, Sri Lanka’s budget carrier, has successfully completed the A320 Type Rating Training for its trainee First Officer batch, the first set of its pilots to undergo this training in Sri Lanka. The training programme is conducted and facilitated by Mihin Lanka’s sister airline, SriLankan Airlines. Mihin Lanka pilots will henceforth undergo Type Rating training in Sri Lanka itself, thereby resulting in saving valuable foreign exchange spent on sending pilots abroad for training. Type Rating training is mandatory for a variety of reasons, the chief one being that pilots are required to be specifically trained for the type of aircraft they fly.

Capt. Themiya Abeywickrama, Chief pilot - Training and Standards, Mihin Lanka said: “We are proud to announce the Type Rating training of our pilots by SriLankan Airlines’ Type Rating instructors in Sri Lanka itself. This is a milestone in the history of Mihin Lanka. This new breed of pilots who have received their A320 type rating here in Sri Lanka will now fly the Mihin Lanka fleet of A320 and A321 aircraft.

Mihin Lanka adheres strictly to rules of training and safety and the Type Rating training is a testimony to this. The training they receive in Sri Lanka is of greater value as the training goes beyond commercial objectives as is frequently the case in training programmes overseas. 

Commenting on the training, Capt. Druvi Perera, Chief Operating Officer, Mihin Lanka said: “SriLankan airlines Type Rating Training instructors have extensive exposure to Airbus Aircraft and their training has been comprehensive to the highest degree. Almost all the Type Rating instructors at SriLankan Airlines are ‘Type Rated’ pilots on A320, 330 and 340s and possess at least 10,000 hours and more on Airbus aircrafts. We are confident that local TRTO training will accrue handsome dividends to Mihin Lanka in terms of maintaining high standards, cost savings and higher productivity, whilst also writing a new chapter in the aviation history of the country.”

He further added: ‘Sri Lanka has a proud history of training pilots that fly on some of the best airlines in the world and this training will ensure that the playing field is leveled out for all pilots from SriLankan Airlines, Mihin Lanka and any other student following the Type Rating Training.

Mr. Kapila Chandrasena, Chief Executive Officer of Mihin Lanka said: “The synergy between SriLankan Airlines and Mihin Lanka is further strengthened by the partnership created by programmes of this nature. We believe that delivering the best in service and value is of foremost importance and hope that the training offered to pilots at the SriLankan Ailines Type Rating Training Organisation will help support this.”

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