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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

High Fliers Commended At Oman Air Event

High Fliers Commended At Oman Air Event
High Fliers Commended At Oman Air Event
Oman Air has recognised the invaluable contribution to the airline’s success that high-performing staff from its Flight Operations and Cabin Crew departments have made over the course of 2013.

At a ceremony held in Muscat, pilots, cabin crew and administrative staff were joined by senior managers, who praised the outstanding efforts of all present. They were also presented with certificates and gifts in appreciation of the hard work undertaken by the department’s highest flyers.

Oman Air
Oman Air
Oman Air Chief Executive Officer Wayne Pearce commented:

“We are delighted to have marked the important contribution to Oman Air’s continuing success made by the Captains, First officers, Cabin Crew and Administrative staff of our Flight Operations and Cabin Crew departments. Our efficiency, service standards and punctuality performed exceedingly well in 2013, thanks in no small part to the enthusiasm of our dedicated team and I am confident that figures for 2014 will show ongoing improvements. As a result, passenger numbers are up and customer feedback is very positive. Our thanks go to all those staff who have made this possible.”

Oman Air’s Chief Officer, Flight Operations, Ali Sulaiman said:

 “The commitment of Oman Air’s Flight Operations has ensured that our modern and reliable fleet of Airbus A330s, Boeing B737s, Embraer E175s and ATR 42s have operated efficiently with high reliability, to provide our customers with a taste of Omani hospitality. This achievement was enhanced by the commitment of our pilots and cabin crew.

As Oman Air continues to grow more pilots are required. The Flight Operations department has recently intensified the recruitment drive to bring a sharp increase in the number of Omani citizens taking up posts as trainee pilots. During 2013, 38 candidates were sponsored by Oman Air on a range of training courses conducted in the Middle East, France and the UK, many of whom have taken up our offer to Omani citizens of places on a scholarship programme that assists with the costs of training to become pilots.”

Oman Air’s Chief Officer Airport Operations, Andrew Walsh, added:

The professionalism of the cabin crew staff has also enabled staff throughout the organisation to deliver an impressively high standard of service and that our customers have enjoyed a seamless passenger experience. It has been a pleasure to join our Chief Executive Officer and my fellow Chief Officers in thanking those whose diligence has contributed much to Oman Air’s success.”

The recruitment drive anticipates major growth in Oman’s fleet, following the arrival from late 2014 of the first of 20 aircraft which are currently on order. These include three Airbus A330s, six Boeing 787s and 11 Boeing B737s. It is expected that Oman Air’s fleet strength will rise over the next few years to around 50 aircraft, from its current level of 30.

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