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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


This as far as I can recall is a speech I made in 1983 When mankind started out he was a symbiotic life form that complimented the Earth. We were as we would say, once one with our planet, but we have become a cancerous infection upon the earth, destroying the very thing that gives us life. We have forgotten that we were the custodians, not owners of our planet and she is now crying out in pain for release from our greed and destruction. Many people have heard the Earth’s cries. I have to admit that I have in the past been as guilty as everyone of you.

Statements and press releases are constantly being issued to blind us to the truth, telling all that the environmentalists are just exaggerating global warming and pollution to further their own ends. The truth is the complete reverse of this, it is you, the governments that blind mankind from the truth, why because it furthers your aims and lets you sit back and allow the carnage to continue, after all it will be your children’s children who finally have to live with your wanton greed and thirst for raping the earth of all its resources. Whatever is true, whether of not it is us or you furthering our ends there is one simple fact we all must address today, not tomorrow or after the next election but today The Earth can take no more of our abuse.

I have heard people argue about sustainability; they say there is more than enough land and resources to sustain us. This maybe true but define, US, I assume you mean the 4 percent of the nations using 80 per cent of the world’s resources. What about the rest of the population of the planet, do we let them starve as we carry out our rape and pillage so Mr. Joe blogs can drive to work daily in his 12mpg beast. In truth what is becoming increasingly clear is that the Earth can no longer survive us and our disregard of the planet.

We have polluted the waters to the point that in some places the water is actually volatile. We are tapping into areas of the Earth that she has managed to keep from us for thousands of years, Why because we need the resources to survive, funny but I am sure I read somewhere of the alternative energy programs, racking my brains to think where, Aww yes I remember it was a government press release. But wait I forget, the men that fund your campaigns want to pillage the earth not save it. Yes clarity sweeps over my once clouded eyes the mighty cash will always win. 

I wonder sometimes what we are losing but our disregard of nature, what fragile and necessary life forms we encounter as we bore deeper into the earth, what we destroy, without even noticing them. I wonder what mother earth is trying to protect from us. I have heard it said that the Earth is crying out for help and governments assure us that they are doing all in their power to protect the planet. I hear this but also I feel the earth crying out, her cries are being heard in the cosmos. The many viruses and diseases, some say are in answer to earths cry for help, but in truth her cries go out into the cosmos and it will be the mighty sun that answers her prayers, once you the uncaring, deplete the fragile ozone. The sun will come in answer to the Earth’s cries and things will become hostile on earth to mankind’s survival as her companions begin to answer her calls.

Now this may all be science fiction but few of us doubt that there is something wrong with our world that can be felt down into the core of your very being. We are still one usable-logo2with our planet. We may ignore the damage we are doing. We may try to justify it in our minds. We can call this silly nonsense, but you can’t deny that feeling in your gut and you know that we have done wrong by our planet and we are just as guilty for going along with it. There are no innocents here. Can we undo the damage we have done? I don’t think so. We can try to make some things right. We could do the impossible and stop paying people to kill each other and pay them to rid our oceans of our island of trash. We can stop pumping poisonous chemicals in to our Earth. We can stop polluting her air. For those of you that say why should we go backwards? I say it is better than starting from scratch.

If what many have predicted comes to past, there will be very few of the 6 billion or so on this planet, of us left. I doubt that I will be one of them and I can’t say that I feel too badly about that. I just hope those that do make it will be up to the task of setting things right. I hope they make a new religion. A religion that preaches love. One that rejects and abhors war and killing of their fellow man. A religion that sings soothing lullabies to our planet to help her forget what those that will now hopefully fertilize and heal her scarred shell, had done to her. I hope those that survive Armageddon and or the predicted destructions, will make it their motto to never forget the mistakes that we made. I hope that they will the keepers of the truth. That they will pass the history down with no sugar coating and no lies. I hope that they teach the stark truth and let it be the boogey man that will keep the children pure, honest, and sweet and a glory to our plant. One can only hope The above text was made public domain in 1990s and many have used parts of it this is as it should be. 

Today I suppose I am one of the founders of this religion, a religion of peace truth and understanding, we revere and honor creation and attempt to live in harmony with our planet. The days of rallies in London, lobbying MPs and making a general nuisance of myself to be heard are over. Today the internet speaks out and where once a few heard our words now millions can hear them sitting in the luxury of their own homes. The population of the planet is now over 7 billion and still today the governments of the world are as bad at protecting the planet as they were then. It is up to us, every single one of us, to protect and try and reverse the damage already done, some say it is too late, well my answer is, HOPE is a powerful word. If we all start living our life’s in harmony and unison with our planet. Maybe, just maybe, hope will triumph and Mother Nature will stop her cries.

Eddie williams 
Sage of aquarius children ministry 
Founding administrator of Avon friends of the earth


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