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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hameedia, Pioneering the Fashion Industry with the Launch of ‘Grooming Consultants’

Grooming Consultants
Grooming Consultants
Continuously setting the benchmark in the fashion industry, Hameedia, Sri Lanka’s leading menswear specialist strives to further enhance the brand’s service standards with its latest innovative customer care solution, ‘Grooming Consultants’. Staying in-line with the evolving needs of its clientele, the launch of ‘Grooming Consultants’ ensures that all Hameedia customers are guaranteed an exceptional service as well as a positive and personalized client experience.

Commenting on Hameedia’s personalized grooming consultancy services, Fouzul Hameed, Managing Director, Hameedia stated, “At Hameedia we are passionate about fashion. This is reflected in every minor detail undertaken by us. Currently, over 50 percent of our retail staff are capable of delivering 360 degree grooming and fashion solutions from tailoring to fashion consultancy, to offering total wedding solutions for grooms. This new service practice is set to change the realm of customer service in fashion and set a new benchmark in the industry.”

Hameedia has been a pioneer in the retail fashion industry and has over 65 years of experience. The fashion brand continuously drives innovation in the industry, constantly raising the bar for quality standards. The concept of ‘Grooming Consultants’ which is yet another first in Sri Lanka, is aimed at offering discerning clients an unmatched personalized service that is swift and hassle free. The ‘Grooming Studio’ is an innovation created by Hameedia to offer total grooming solutions all under one roof. Solutions offered include the selection of a groom’s attire, the co-ordination of his suit with his bride’s clothing and personal grooming advice which pays close attention to details such as the groom’s posture and haircut.

The launch of ‘Grooming Consultants’ will enable Hameedia to deliver the ultimate customer service experience which will further strengthen the renowned Hameedia brand. Fouzul Hameed further added, “Sri Lankan men have evolved over a period of time and with changes in their social behaviour, their requirement for fashionable product solutions has also evolved. ‘Grooming Consultants’ will ensure that the discerning customers of Hameedia will enjoy a positive fashion experience which will result in customer satisfaction for our clients and a sustainable competitive advantage for our brand.”

Hameedia, established in 1949, has grown to become a household brand in Sri Lanka. Hameedia is renowned for high quality, custom tailoring and ready-made suits and shirts for gents. The men’s clothing specialist multiband retail stores include brands such as Envoy, Le Bond, Signature, Raymond, Lee and Adidas. With a network of over 30 outlets across Sri Lanka, Hameedia has also been growing its presence globally with outlets in the Maldives and Australia. ‘Grooming Consultants’ at Hameedia showrooms can be identified by a badge and blue shirt which differentiates them from the rest of the team. The best of the retail staff have been selected and trained by. Fouzul Hameed himself to offer customers the best expertise in this field. The ‘Men in Blue’ are fully equipped and ready to find solutions for all grooming and fashion needs. To enlist the help of a ‘Grooming Consultant’, visit any Hameedia showroom or call the hotline on 0777 553 344. 

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