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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Details of vehicle on website

Details of vehicle on website
Details of vehicle on website
Details of vehicles registered with the Motor Traffic Department will be available to the public on a website from next month, Commissioner General S.H. Harishchandra said.The purpose of making the details available was to prevent frauds and malpractices in the purchase of vehicles. These details will include the name of the owner, engine number, chassis number and colour. However the address will not be disclosed. He added. 

In cases where there is an inquiry or a dispute over ownership of a vehicle, the posting will indicate that the information is ‘not available’ and advise any person trying to purchase such vehicles to make further inquiries. Mr. Harischandra said the information could be downloaded by making a payment of Rs. 150 via a credit card or a debit card. The service will be available on mobile phones and the cost will be added on to the bill. “The new system will make it easy for persons to obtain details even on a holiday,” he added.


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