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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pan Oceanic Bank Solomon Islands Chooses Fortunaglobal for Digital Banking Suite

Nihal Kekulawala (CEO of Pan Oceanic Bank) and Suren Kohombange (CEO, Fortunaglobal)
Nihal Kekulawala (CEO of Pan Oceanic Bank)
and Suren Kohombange (CEO, Fortunaglobal)
Fortunaglobal, one of Sri Lankans leading ICT companies recently secured a breakthrough project for the delivery and implementation of a Digital Banking Channel Solution for Pan Oceanic Bank (POB), Solomon Islands. The digital solution was created under the brand name FortunaFinance, and enables a variety of services including web, USSD and mobile applications for POB. The bank is the 4th largest commercial bank in the Solomon Islands, and provides a range of banking services to the public. The digital solution provided by Fortunaglobal will facilitate the banks’ online banking services to their commercial, as well as retail customers.
 The e-banking and business services portal, FortunaFinance delivers a broad set of features and functions, including: Dynamic Dashboards, budget management, expense reporting integrated notifications and alerts, coupled with extensive Corporate finance options.

Pan Oceanic Bank chose Fortunaglobal as their online banking partner after a rigorous evaluation process that included leading global and Sri Lankan service providers. The bank’s requirements included mobile channel delivery, ease of transition for incoming customers, increases in operational efficiency, compliance with regulations, and a commitment to completing the implementation within the shortest possible time.
The company’s consultative approach and flexibility in the rollout of FortunaFinance was a strong factor in its selection according to POB officials.  Commenting on the partnership, CEO of Pan Oceanic Bank (POB),Mr  Nihal Kekulawala said “Pan Oceanic Bank believes in a very strong digital channel banking offering  to benefit its valued customer base. In our evaluations FortunaFianace Digital banking suite came out strongly in terms of its flexibility and the adoption of customer beneficial new technology and features. We are looking forward to implement the system and drive our customers towards modern mobile and digital banking channel facilities “.
Pan Oceanic Bank has developed a comprehensive commercial and retail banking platform with a highly thought of product offering to empower the Solomon Islands’ business and personal banking sectors,  and thereby showcase the  full potential of the Solomon Islands’ financial industry as a whole. In this challenging financial market, Pan Oceanic Bank’s implementation of FortunaFinance from Fortunaglobal will offer their network of online banking customers a high degree of security, including a two-factor authentication and a web application security platform for server-side defenses.
Speaking about the partnership with POB, CEO of Fortunaglobal, Suren Kohombange said, “This is a significant step for us cementing ourselves as a leading player in the financial channel domain. Presently, financial institutions of all sizes are seeking more flexible, responsive, cost efficient multi-channeled and personalized e-banking solutions to enhance their business propositions effectively. With seven years of industry experience in digital and mobile solutions platform, we feel that the Suite created by Fortunaglobal is ideally placed to serve the banking channel needs of Pan Oceanic Bank, and that it will prove itself a significant tool in the achievement of the banks’ goals.”

Fortunaglobal, was founded in 2007 and through its subsidiary FortunaFinance drives with a mission to provide e-banking for business via a highly adaptive and scalable delivery platform, capable of exchanging data with the institutions’ business customers regardless of the preferred channel or required format. Fortunaglobal has built a flexible platform with the latest technologies, allowing financial institutions to innovate and reach their markets with both speed and cost efficiency.

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