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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Three Easy Steps to Obtain a Housing Loan with DFCC Vardhana Bank

DFCC Vardhana Bank (DVB), the fastest growing commercial bank in Sri Lanka, offers ‘Sandella’ housing loans to provide customers with easy and hassle-free housing loan options. Taking into consideration the current property values and lower interest rates in the current economy, DVB offers customers the convenience of applying for a housing loan in just three easy steps. Customers simply have to provide their income details, information about the property and then register at any DVB branch to obtain their loan.

‘Sandella’ is a unique and flexible housing loan product which can be obtained with minimum documentation and a repayment period of up to 20 years. With attractive interest rates, ‘Sandella’ housing loans are processed quickly and can be registered for at any DVB branch island-wide. These housing loans can be obtained by customers to purchase a house, purchase land for a house or to build a house on existing land. The loan can also be used for renovations, and extensions of an existing house. The “Sandella” housing loan can also be obtained for landscaping and furnishing purposes and can be used to invest in household equipment. Sri Lankan citizens, including those who work overseas, between the ages of 18 and 55 are eligible to apply for a ‘Sandella’ housing loan. The loan can be obtained jointly with a spouse or parent.

DFCC Vardhana Bank offers customers a friendly, service with a range of innovative financial solutions. As one of the youngest yet most dynamic commercial banks in the country, DFCC Vardhana Bank is renowned for introducing attractive and flexible banking solutions to its customers over the past 10 years. For further details on how one can apply for their ‘Sandella’ housing loan call the hotline on 0112-663888, email or log on to

About DFCC Bank and DFCC Vardhana Bank

DFCC Vardhana Bank has 137 branches and extension offices; and includes 62 units across the Sri Lanka Post network. DVB’s customers at all branches have access to a full range of commercial and personal banking services, including Current Accounts, Savings Accounts, Fixed Deposits, Foreign Currency Accounts and trade related finances. DVB is part of the DFCC Group. DFCC Bank ranks as one of the world’s oldest Development Banks and was set up in 1955 by an act of Parliament. Today the DFCC Group’s total asset base exceeds LKR 151 billion.  


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