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Friday, August 29, 2014

Amana Global, Asset and Capital gear for growth, refreshes brand identity

Amana Global new facade
Amana Global new facade
Amana Global recently unveiled a sleek, new brand identity along with its partner companies, Amana Capital and Amana Asset Management, all under the Amana Holdings Limited umbrella. Having undergone a thorough brand and purpose transformation, the group reinvents itself under the same familiar name with a contemporary new outlook. 
“Our interests stemmed from banking and have now grown to serve almost every financial requirement of the market.  We were misperceived through time to be catering only to a specific segment of consumers which we have reasonably overcome with due time and are now known to be relevant to all sections of the market. Our new brand identity seeks to portray our growing reputation for professionalism and expertise in the financial solutions and advisory landscape,” said Aashiq Aminuddin, Head of Marketing and Business Development, Amana Global Limited, on the reasons for the change. The companies are involved in investment banking, risk management, wealth and asset management.

The renewed identity reflects the sharp, dynamic and iconic professionalism of its new thinking.  It leads now with a simple yet compelling ‘A.’ as its logo.   The digital presence of the company addresses the more sophisticated needs of modern day clients and an expanding international clientele.  The group is already established in the Maldives and is in the process of setting up operations in Malaysia.
“We are on a constant drive to maximise growth opportunities which recently point beyond the shores of Sri Lanka as well.  By assuming a regional presence we will be better positioned to offer even local clients innovative opportunities.
“Our new objectives called for a refreshing change within ourselves and what we offer our partners.  One of the steps taken in this endeavour was to bring about a change to our Brand Identity making it more relevant and versatile. We consciously associate with the past whilst communicating a renewal of purpose.  Hence, the name was maintained and an iconic “A” was adopted to symbolise our drive for excellence.  It also reflects our simple but fine clarity of purpose, delivering a comprehensive portfolio of financial solutions to end users and industry partners, symbolised by the “full stop,” Aminuddin explained.

The group of companies, Amana Global, Amana Capital and Amana Asset Management, leverages specialist insight and financial acumen to provide a breadth of financial solutions including customised and sustainable financial advisory services for corporate and High-Net-Worth individuals on debt and equity financing, private wealth management, fund management, structuring, financial brokering, corporate finance and real estate management.

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