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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hameedia Helps Drought-Stricken Families in North-East Sri Lanka

The first glass of water
The first glass of water
Hameedia recently embarked on a humanitarian mission to provide water for families most affected by the ongoing drought in North-East Sri Lanka. The Hameedia team comprising ten members visited Polonnaruwa, Sinhapura, Galloya and Higurackgoda and delivered water tanks and bottles to families most severely affected by the drought.  Due to immense poverty, thousands of people in these villages did not have access to clean water and this was creating health and sanitation problems. Hameedia partnered with the local provincial council to provide much needed relief by donating 30, 500 litre tanks and 75, 5 litre water bottles to families in need. 

The Hameedia team with the families
The Hameedia team with the families
People are an integral part of Hameedia’s business and the company believes firmly in helping and supporting the community, especially in times of crisis. Hussain Sadique, Deputy Managing Director, Hameedia Group, stated, “Hameedia is always looking for ways to give back to the community and make a lasting impact in people’s lives. We have embarked on various projects across Sri Lanka in order to uplift people and provide them with assistance in their time of need. Some of our previous projects include the donation of goods and equipment to the Mental Health Care Unit of Lunawa District Hospital and we have also painted wards and donated rations and gifts to the Hemas Adolescent and Adult Thalesemia Care Centre as well as the National Cancer Hospital.”

One of the company’s most prominent CSR projects, ‘My Friend’ also aims to support the country’s underprivileged youth in their efforts to better themselves through education. Established in 1949, Hameedia has been setting the benchmark in menswear fashion for decades whilst simultaneously supporting people and communities throughout Sri Lanka. 

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