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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

CIC Healthcare, Nurturing Life through Excellence and Innovation

Mr Premakumar
Mr Premakumar
The Healthcare and Consumer Division of CIC Holdings PLC, has been at the forefront of the healthcare industry in Sri Lanka for decades. Dedicated to saving and improving lives using world-class pharmaceuticals and medical devices, CIC plays a crucial role supporting the health and well-being of Sri Lankans across the island.

CIC’s Healthcare and Consumer Division comprises of two main business units. CIC Pharmaceuticals is involved in the marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical products made by both global multi-nationals and regional manufacturers. The company has an impressive distribution operation that reaches 90 percent of all pharmacies and hospitals in the country. The business unit also enhances its reach by supplying the modern trade – the country’s extensive network of supermarket based pharmacies. CIC’s Medical Devices unit markets diagnostic and surgical devices. This unit represents multinationals based in the UK, US, Switzerland and Australia. It focuses on introducing the most innovative solutions available globally for both surgeons and their patients.
Commenting on the impact that CIC’s Medical Devices unit has on people, Premakumar Weyhenage, Divisional Director, Healthcare and Consumer Division said, “CIC’s Medical Devices unit introduces innovative solutions to the Sri Lankan market. These solutions are truly life-saving and make a significant difference in people’s lives. One of these solutions which were recently introduced was as a unique solution to prevent excessive bleeding during surgeries.”

Further explaining how CIC’s Pharmaceutical unit helps people, Weyhenage said, “CIC supplies pharmaceuticals for all minor and major illnesses and this support the health of people across Sri Lanka. A few years ago CIC Holdings PLC added a pharmaceutical manufacturing unit to the group’s healthcare sector by acquiring a local manufacturing plant, now known as CIC Lifesciences Ltd. This subsidiary company in addition to manufacturing generic brands will now focus on developing a specialist range of medication for common health and lifestyle related ailments. The new range of medication will focus on addressing non-communicable diseases in the country and will assist people suffering from common ailments due to change of life styles, diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma. The development of the local pharmaceutical manufacturing industry has been supported greatly by government policies in the right direction, which have created favorable conditions for the growth and development of the local pharmaceutical industry.”

CIC’s Healthcare and Consumer Division has built a legacy for itself as an industry pioneer. The division focuses on meeting the realistic needs of people, especially those who are at greater risk due to injuries or poor health. CIC’s Healthcare and Consumer Division has pioneered some of the most significant developments in the local healthcare industry. The company introduced the first spinal fixation solution in Sri Lanka. Usually after an accident, if a patient damages their spine, their chances of getting better are slim. After a severe injury to the spine, the chances of walking again and obtaining normal levels of movement are very low. CIC introduced a unique solution that treats fractured spines and helps patients walk again and enjoy a more fulfilling life. The company also recently introduced a peritoneal kidney dialysis product by Baxter, which provides a fast, affordable and convenient dialysis option for patients suffering from chronic Kidney Disease.

Protecting and nurturing life is at the heart of CIC’s Healthcare and Consumer division’s operations. The division impacts the lives of millions of Sri Lankans, providing both surgeons and their patients with life-saving solutions. Healthcare has been recognized as a core business area by CIC Holdings and the division will receive further investment in the future. The company continuously impacts people through its extensive business portfolio which extends into the areas of agriculture, animal feed, nutrition, healthcare, industrial materials, and consumer products.


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