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Friday, October 3, 2014

The ‘My Friend’ project and Angelo Mathews enrich the lives of children by providing over 200 children with school supplies

Children from the 'My Friend' project, Angelo Mathews, Wife & Fouzul Hameed, the Managing Director of the Hameedia Group
Children from the 'My Friend' project, Angelo Mathews,
Wife & Fouzul Hameed, the Managing Director of the Hameedia Group 
The HameediaGroup and Angelo Mathews, Captain of the Sri Lanka Cricket team have once again partnered with the ‘My Friend’ project to donate school bags, water bottles, stationary, books and lunch boxes to over 200 school children in need. The ‘My Friend’ project is an initiative by Hameedia which supports less fortunate children across the country. Mathews and his wife along with the Hameedia team visited children from four different schools and encouraged them to work hard towards their dreams and goals. The school children selected to receive the supplies came from Muslim, Christian, Buddhist and Hindu schools including Dharusalam Maha Vidyalayam, Methodist Church City Mission, Rajasinghe Maha Vidyalaya and Colombo Central Hindu Maha Vidyalayam.

Teachers from participating schools of 'My Friend' project,
Angelo Mathews, Wife & Fouzul Hameed,
the Managing Director of the Hameedia Group
The ‘My Friend’ project is the brainchild of Fouzul Hameed, the Managing Director of the Hameedia Group and Sri Lanka’s premier menswear consultant who, several years ago embarked on a mission to improve the lives of children in need across the country. The project supports the educational needs of underprivileged children in Sri Lanka and plays a pivotal role in preventing the common eventuality of school dropouts.
Commenting on his partnership with the project, Angelo Mathews, Captain of the Sri Lanka Cricket team and trustee of the initiative stated, “My wife and I are proud to partner with Hameedia and Fouzul Hameed to support the ‘My Friend’ project. The objectives of this project are extremely important as many children in Sri Lanka face difficult circumstances and often drop out of school. We hope that more people will come forward and support the ‘My Friend’ project because it plays such an important role in helping underprivileged children throughout our country. The ‘My Friend’ project supports less fortunate children by providing them with the basic needs they require to stay in school. The children who are part of the ‘My Friend’ project are an inspiration to us all. They prove that with the right amount of hard work and commitment, anything can be achieved. These traits were crucial to my success and helped me become who I am todaywith the right support, these children can also achieve success and become the leaders of the future

Highlighting the importance of the project, Fouzul Hameed, Founder and Chairman of the ‘My Friend’ project said, “It gives me great pleasure to support this project with one of Sri Lanka’s most renowned cricketers, Angelo Mathews and his wife. The ‘My Friend’ project remains committed to ensuring that underprivileged children throughout the country complete their education and enjoy a bright and prosperous future. The ‘My Friend’ project supports children despite their caste, creed and religion by providing them with financial aid as well as school equipment and various educational supplies and materials.”

Since its inception, the ‘My Friend’ project has funded thousands of children in need, helping them overcome poverty and difficult circumstances. The support that the project gives these children enables them to remain in school and improve their chances of succeeding in life.

Commenting on the benefits of the ‘My Friend’ project, Mrs. Thayananthy Sirisoma, the Principal at Colombo Central Hindu Maha Vidyalayam stated, “The ‘My Friend’ project is a truly great initiative which touches the lives of many children in Sri Lanka. The school children were extremely excited about Angelo Mathews’ visit and they really cherished the opportunity to spend time with him. The children are grateful for the assistance the project provides and they appreciate the role Hameedia plays in supporting them in their efforts to secure a brighter future.”

In order to fund this project,a special range of ‘My Friend’ branded merchandise is available at all Hameedia showrooms with proceeds from all sales of the merchandise along with a proportion of sales of items from the ‘FH collection’, being channelled towards the project. To support the ‘My Friend’ project and make an important difference in the lives of many children in the country, sign up for the fashion tip updates by texting ‘RegFHGuide’ to 77000. For more information about the project, log on to the ‘My Friend’ website; or contact 0777 354 570. 

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